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UserToUserInfo works with MakeCall but not with MakeConsultCall

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Created by: Jeremy Brown on 19-11-2009 05:12:55 PM
Using ICM 7.6 and an Avaya switch, in our application, we are attempting to set the UserToUserInfo when calling the MakeConsultCall method in CTIOS.
We observe that the UserToUserInfo parameter is visible in the CTIOS messaging, but does not appear to be available at the switch level during the consultation portion of the consult call.
Is this a known limitation of the ICM, CTI, or PIM for Avaya?
If we use the MakeCall method, the UserToUserInfo appears in the switch's call context as expected, but we cannot make the Transfer or Conference work properly if we have started the second call with MakeCall instead of MakeConsultCall.
How can we make this work?

Subject: RE: New Message from Jeremy Brown in Computer Telephony Integration Object
Replied by: David Lender on 19-11-2009 07:51:35 PM
Do you see the UserToUserInfo in the CTIOS Server messaging for
MakeConsultCall?  In CTI Server messaging?  In the Avaya PIM?

This is either a limitation or a bug.  There is no Avaya PIM
configuration to enable UUI on MakeConsultCall vs MakeCall.

If you suspect a bug, please open a Service Request with a full set of
ICM, PIM, OPC, CG, and CTIOS Server and client logs for both scenarios
(MakeCall works and MakeConsultCall doesnt).

Also provide the version of ICM and CTIOS.  The latest version is 7.5(6)
there is no 7.6 version of ICM.
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