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Using a bridge and virtual lauyouts

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Created by: Steven Amos on 29-11-2011 03:14:30 AM
I was looking at the duet module for this device and see that I can add a virtual layout to a local output or a remote output, but only up to the 4th call. If I am connected to a bridge and have more than 4 sites connected can I assign a virtual layout to any or all of the far sites or is this limited to only using multi-site class on the codec. I am looking to use a large installation of C90's in a school system and they will need to call into the bridge if the want to connect to more that four sites. I just need to make sure that I can assign any site in the call to a virtual layout and then assign that VL to any local output or remote output.

Subject: RE: Using a bridge and virtual lauyouts
Replied by: David Bruun-Lie on 06-12-2011 03:11:05 PM
Hi, the layout engine on the codec can only address the individual calls hosted on the codec itself in a multi-site call, thus the limitations of the 4 sites. It would be impossible for one C90 to be able to create individual layouts for each call connected to an external bridge (of which there may be hundreds of remote sites connected)