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Vaddio Wallview Pro HD-18 control

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Created by: John Blowers on 10-11-2010 10:28:22 PM
We're installing a system with a MXP-3000 and a TVS connected to 2 Vaddio Wallview Pro HD-18's using Vaddio's Quick connect SR boxes. We've wired everything per manufacturer specs and we are able to get video, but we do not have control of either camera. Doing a xstatus camera, none of the cameras are appearing. All the wireing has been checked and double checked both by eye and with cable testers. KBZ is at a loss, and their only explanation is they have never worked with the HD-18's before. So they directed us to Vaddio and Tandberg.

Any suggestions as to what may be at fault for our inability to control the cameras? We have 4 of these systems to release in the next 2 days, and we weren't expecting this issue. We've worked with Vaddio's Wallview HD-1's with this same setup and it worked fine.

Subject: RE: Vaddio Wallview Pro HD-18 control
Replied by: John Blowers on 25-01-2011 05:00:28 PM
Issue Update:

For those who are interested, after working with Vaddio developers, they had to right special firmware for the Vaddio HD-18's to work with the Tandberg TVS Switch. The TVS Switch firmware looks for the manufacturer and model number number of the connected camera, and then routes the control and video based on it's findings.

Unfortunatley, the TVS only recognizes the HD-1 in the vaddio line, not the HD-18. Because the HD-18 primarly does DVI, the firmware Vaddio wrote for the HD-18's now tells the TVS nothing about the model number of the camera. By doing so, the TVS no longer blocks or reroutes the control and video of the HD018's. We are now able to connect the HD-18's to the DVI input and control them through Ports 8, 9 and 10.

Thank you Vaddio for stepping up and helping us with this issue.

Subject: RE: Vaddio Wallview Pro HD-18 control
Replied by: Jose Bravo on 29-04-2011 07:38:30 AM

Some additional information in regards to this setup. The TVS does not block or reroute any camera which is connected to it, but only shows an image if a registration for an HD VISCA camera registration is completed. The TVS has documented that only the PHD 720p and EVI-HD1 are supported with it, thus that being the reason for a change to the Vaddio code to produce a HD registration, where the camera(s) could be mapped to the bank containing the HD routing for the codec. This is important to know in the case that any VISCA camera is attempting to be connected to the codec through the TVS.

- JB
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