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Video Layout in EX90

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Created by: Vaibhav Pant on 30-09-2011 02:29:41 PM
I am using an EX90 and have a query about how the layout of the EX90 can be controlled.
I am using the EX90 screen as a local monitor for my PC.
When I am in a call, I want to continue to use the screen as a local monitor and see the far end site in a small window.
However, the far end video occupies a significant and important portion of my computer desktop and hence I am not able to use many applications that get hidden because of the PiP.
Ideally, we would want to have a PoP layout similar to that in an 1700MXP. However, since the same is not available in the EX90, I am using the video layout command using the API.
I specifically use the following command:

xcom video locallayout set type: small positionx: 6000 positiony:3180 width: 2000 height: 2000

The layout changes and I would have been happy but for the following error.

The window of the far end site goes back to the original position (top center) automatically after some time.
Is this by design or some bug. If its by design how do I stop it?


Subject: RE: Video Layout in EX90
Replied by: David Bruun-Lie on 30-09-2011 03:38:43 PM
Hi Vaibhav,
this is by design and not a bug as the application controlling the video layout is programmed to keep a certain layout. You cannot change this behaviour.


Subject: RE: Video Layout in EX90
Replied by: Vaibhav Pant on 01-10-2011 06:48:16 AM
Thanks David!

In that case what is the workaround that is recommended to address the problem that when the Screen of the EX90 is being used a s a local monitor, the far end video occupies a significant portion of the users desktop.

In the T1700MXP, the problem was addressed by using the PoP layout wherein the far end video was in a seperate window and hence would not block the desktop of the users pc.

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