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Welcome to the Cisco Cius Android Add-on discussion!

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Created by: David Staudt on 25-03-2011 08:35:03 PM
Cisco is pleased to release the next beta of the Cius Android developer tools, newly re-forged as the Cius Android Add-on, v0.1.

Developers can use these tools to start exploring and building Android apps for the Cius tablet, including accessing special Cius features and APIs.
This package includes:

- Add-on installation and configuration instructions
- Android SDK emulator skin for the Cius device - Visualize your Android app in a photorealistic Cius skin with accurate screen sizing, resolution and orientation.  Includes Cius specific libraries and apps supporting the custom APIs and telephony simulator.
- Telephony simulation service and client app- Helpful for simulating live Cius calls in the Android emulator
- Documentation and javadocs for Cius APIs featuring:

* Front-facing camera API - Enable two-way video applications
* Enterprise Call-Control API - Full application control of Cius enterprise call features (multiple lines, shared lines, transfer/conference)
* Legacy Cisco IP Phone Services API helper - Easily port and package XSI apps for use on the Cius

Download the Cius Android Add-on package here:

Note: you will need to login with your ID (or take a moment to create a free account) in order to access the download.

Subject: RE: Welcome to the Cisco Cius Android Add-on discussion!
Replied by: Matthew J Denapoli on 03-06-2011 07:55:49 PM
Hi David,

Will we be seeing a new version of SDK?

Samuel Sandoval
Accessibility Software Engineer Intern
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