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Thomas McLean
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Level 1

Recently, I had an issue after swapping out a users phone on their desk and when they came back after a short holiday they couldn't login and received the following error:

"Login failed due to a configuration error. Please ask your system administrator to associate your phone with the RM JTAPI Provider user ID according to the instructions in the administrators guide"

Now I was searching UCCX for a while and still couldn't figure it out - after googling the solution was clear so I thought I would share it with the Cisco community after they have helped me so much

if you intend to do add/replace new phones onto an IPCC/UCCX platform you need  to carry out the following steps:

Get the MAC address of said phone,  login to CUCM then user management -> Application user -> then pick your  RMCM user and add the device MAC that way and associate it with the pool –  obviously if you remove a phone or swap it out remove the MAC from that pool  also.

Thanks and hopefully this can help someone in the future.


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Level 1

If you still receive the error, have the agent log into the phone first, then launch the agent app.  That's what did it for me.

Bernard Lara
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Level 1

Hi Thomas,

I already added the device MAC into my rmcm user, but still my agents are unable to login to Cisco Agent Desktop.


My agents are able to login to the phone, then we've launch the agent app, but still no luck.

Do you suggest restarting the CTI Manager Service to solve the issue? as per my reading at this site:

Thank you.

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