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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Cisco Business Edition 4000 (BE4K) solutions is a simple, easy-to-use and affordable cloud-managed communications system

based on proven IP telephony and voicemail technology.

It was developed for small, voice-centric only, businesses.

What does it offer?

BE4000 is a dedicated voice appliance which provides:

a) essential IP telephony and voicemail features (based on Cisco CME/CUE platforms).

b) SIP VoIP trunks (no license required)

c) PSTN connections (PRI, BRI,FXO,FXS) - you can select up to 2 NIMs to add in the appliance

d) Cloud management -BE4K is entirely managed via the Cisco Business Edition Management cloud portal

e) subscription-based seat licenses for users (1, 3 or 5 year)

Note: it does NOT offer Router/VPN/Security or other data-related services.

Cloud Management - easy to deploy and manage:

The BE4000 is a completely cloud-managed IP phone system. The cloud management portal features simple and intuitive management capabilities that make the BE4000 quick to deploy and simple to manage and use. New users and phones can be added in minutes. You can manage all your office locations from anywhere, and end users can easily customize their own phone and voicemail settings.

How does it compare with BE6000 solution?

BE4K solution provides essential IP telephony and voicemail features only. So it fits for voice-centric only customers.

It does NOT offer advanced UC, Video, Contact Center or Spark Hybrid services options like BE6K solution.


Although BE4K does not support Video, softclients, Spark Hybrid services,

a customer could select to deploy BE4K for telephony/voicemail needs only

and then utilise Spark solution for enterprise team messaging and video meetings

without any integration between these two solutions.

How to order?

1) Select one BE4K appliance.

2) Select IPPhones for your users (78xx, 88xx) (ATA190 is in the plans) (no plans for 3905).

3) Select seat/user subscription licenses for all your users (1, 3 or 5 year subscription plan available).

    One seat/user license entitles that user to connect a single endpoint device (such as a phone, fax, or conference phone)

    and provides one voicemail box.

    Minimum order is 10 seats (ordering guide mentions 20 but will be updated soon).

4) Choose PSTN interfaces (PRI, BRI,FXO,FXS NIM cards) (note that PRI NIMs require PVDMs).


More resources:

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For partners:

Partner community for BE solutions --> here

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hope this helps

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DISCLAIMER: this post was created in order to provide useful info to Cisco partners and customers in my area (Greece/Cyprus and Malta).  For official and updated information, please consult cisco documentation, datasheets and ordering guides.

Level 4
Level 4

Hi Alkiviadis,

Do you have an availability schedule for the BE4K? I'd like to know when it will be available for order in the Caribbean. I tried a configuration for Barbados but the subscription gave me an error stating it is not available for the country.



Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Shawn,

unfortunately I don't have visibility on this area. Best way to find out is to ask your Cisco sales team or Cisco collab expert for this region.



Level 1
Level 1

What would happen if the BE4K doesn't have or if the subscription expired?

George Sotiropoulos
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Alkiviadis,


May I assume correct the VideoCalling between endpoints (eg 8845) registered on a BE4K is not supported yet?



Rob Waller
Level 1
Level 1

Video calling works. I've done it between two 8845s. Just make sure you enable video, (modify phone | basic info | video (check)

Level 1
Level 1

cisco business edition 4000 is compatible with ip phone 7900?

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

hi, no, 79xx phones are not supported

Level 5
Level 5

One of our customer is looking for following features in BE4000, which i am not able to find in Data sheets / Feature matrix. Is there any roadmap for these features?


1. Extension Mobility

2. Call Recording

3. Call billing / Accounting - With charges (any 3rd party solution)

4. Scheduled & PIN-protected Meet-Me conferences

5. Blast Conferences

6. SIP trunking with 3rd party PBX

7. High Availability

8. Webex Hybrid for meetings

9. Softphone / Jabber support

10. Ad-hoc video conference using 8845/65 registered to BE4000 using hard DSP/PVDM resources

11. Soft Attendant console (cisco / 3rd party)


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Hi, unfortunately I am not following Be4K roadmap that closely. You will need to contact your Cisco account team of customer in question to bring you in contact
with Collab lead in your area or provide answers.

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