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David Orzelek
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Problem Description

ACU not recognized by the primary codec or is disconnected which is causing issues with the light shroud, or when running hardware setup for ACU, getting error message that the primary codec cannot communicate with ACU.

Auxiliary Control Unit

The auxiliary control unit provides the ability to conserve energy by  powering the Cisco TelePresence System  lights on and  off.

There is one power inlet, five controlled power outlets, and one  power outlet that is not controlled (unswitched).

In addition, there are  two serial ports and an incoming and outgoing Ethernet connection that  allows you to control peripheral items.

The auxiliary control unit is  controlled by your CTS  Administrator and can be configured to:

  • Turn  the CTS lights on during a Cisco TelePresence call and turn the  lights off after the call completes, or to stay on for a period of time  after a call completes
  • Turn the CTS  lights on according to a configured time schedule
  • Leave the CTS  lights on continuously

Conditions / Environment

Normal operation

Root Cause

Faulty hardware and/or incorrect cabling and/or firmware rev can cause issues with the ACU which can affect the light shroud activation.


CLI command output from codec for "admin: show hardware all"

Show hardware all: (partial) (if ACU not showing up will see):
  • Aux Control Unit Model : INFO:ACU disconnected
  • Aux Control Unit Version : INFO:ACU disconnected
  • Aux Control UDI Vid : INFO:ACU disconnected
  • Aux Control UDI Pid : INFO:ACU disconnected
  • Aux Control UDI Sn : INFO:ACU disconnected

Or if ACU recognized will see:

  • Control Unit Model : Auxiliary Control Unit
  • Aux Control Unit Version : System Firmware: 01.30
  • Aux Control Unit UDI Vid : V01
  • Aux Control Unit UDI Pid : CTS-LIGHT-CTRL Aux Control Unit UDI Sn : VLX13100PWB or checking the CTS logs check nv/log/capture/showsysinfo.log

Working unit will appear as follows:


Unit not working or missing or with cabling issue

  • Aux_Control_Unit_Model=INFO:ACU is disconnected
  • Aux_Control_Unit_Ver=INFO:ACU is disconnected

  • Aux_Control_Unit_UDI_Vid=INFO:ACU is disconnected
  • Aux_Control_Unit_UDI_Pid=INFO:ACU is disconnected

  • Aux_Control_Unit_UDI_Sn=INFO:ACU is disconnected


Troubleshooting requires access to the CTS GUI as well as more importantly the CLI of the codec

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Power Off / Power On of the ACU (Check for powe switch LED)
  2. Reset button back of ACU ( Reset button is on the back of the ACU between the Ethernet ports and Serial interfaces)

Installation troubleshooting Cabling:

  1. Ensure Main Power cable for ACU is connected to its own electrical circuit and NOT connected into a PDU
  2. Ensure that the light shrouds are connected into the ACU and NOT directly into PDUs
  3. Ensure Ethernet cable connects ACU (Ethernet Port 2) to Master Codec (Auxiliary Ethernet Port / Document Camera Port)

CTS GUI Troubleshooting:

  1. See if you can turn the light segments on / off from System

  2. Reset ACU from System Administration Web GUI

Firmware Troubleshooting:

  1. The Firmware for the ACU can be checked to be out of date which is likely causing this issues with the light shroudas well
  2. The ACU firmware should be  "1.30"  for the firmware for the ACU but if  it is showing to be 1.27: Aux_Control_Unit_Model=Auxiliary Control Unit Aux_Control_Unit_Ver=System Firmware: 01.27 this is then outdated firmware.
  3. Go into the CLI and issue the following to force the firmware upgrade:
    • “admin:set upgrade auxilary-control force reboot”

admin: set upgrade firmware auxiliary-ctrl force reboot”

  • Setting forced firmware upgrade


  • Then reboot

    Admin: show upgrade detail (should be 1.30 for Aux control)

admin: show upgrade detail

•There are no peripherals being upgraded at this time
•Command succeeded
•primary sub system...

•AutoUpgrade = true

•Peripheral versions:
•                  device csum/ver & date     image csum/ver    

•camera               462:789 (05/08/2009)           462:789

•audio card                 14                             14
•audio extension             7                               7
auxiliary ctrl         01.30                           01.30
•graphics driver       0xddfd (09/28/2010)             0xddfd
•graphics icons         0xb391 (09/28/2010)             0xb391
•display device         11.0D                           11.0D
•firmware             01/14/10 (01/14/2010)           01/14/10 F
If showing issues please contact Cisco TAC and be ready to provide complete CTS logs and Webex access to CLI of codec as well as root access for further troubleshooting

Checking CTS codec logs nv/log/capture/showsysinfo logs:

•Aux_Control_Unit_Model=Auxiliary Control Unit

•Aux_Control_Unit_Ver=System Firmware: 01.27


•Aux_Control_Unit_UDI_Pid=CTS-LIGHT-CTRL Aux_Control_Unit_UDI_Sn=VLX13170QIS

Codec CLI troubleshooting:

Best practices for CUCM config for ACU should for the CUCM config be set to:
CUCM-->Device Phone--->Optional HW
•1) Under Optional Hardware Check the box for the ACU
•2) Under "Auxiliary Control Unit - (If installed) make sure the power control is set to "On with calls only"
Also can you attach to CLI and gather the following command output and update to the case.:
•a) admin: utils arp list
•b) admin: show hardware all
•c) admin: utlils network ping tblackout1.local (If seen on utils arp list)

     tblackout1.local = ACU

If recognized by CTS codec via CLI:
admin: utils arp list
•Address HWtype HWaddress Flags Mask Iface tbcam1.local ether 00:0B:E2:0E:2F:A9 C eth3
• ether 00:00:0C:07:AC:40 C eth0

•ts4.local (incomplete) eth2

tbblackout1.local ether 00:1D:E5:EA:83:1B C eth2   (ACU)

•tbcam2.local (incomplete) eth2

•tbipp.local ether 00:26:0B:D8:D1:5F C eth0

Or if NOT recognized:

admin:utils arp list
Address HWtype HWaddress Flags Mask Iface

• ts4.local (incomplete) eth2

•ts3.local ether 00:1D:A2:39:17:E1 CM eth0

•tbipp.local ether 1C:17:D3:C3:7B:52 C eth0

tbblackout1.local (incomplete) eth2                   

• ether 00:00:0C:07:AC:25 C eth0

•tbcam1.local ether 00:0B:E2:0E:3B:5F C eth3

•tbcam2.local (incomplete) eth2

•ts2.local ether 00:1D:A2:39:08:6F CM eth0

Entries: 8 Skipped: 0 Found: 8 admin:
If still unable to get the ACU to respond please contact Cisco TAC and please provide complete CTS logs as well as Webex access for the CLI of the codec
  • Cisco part number for ACU:  CTS-LIGHT-CTRL=

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