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David Orzelek
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Symptoms: CUCM is showing the endpoints to be registered fine and working properly. Point to point calls work fine.

Only when attempting to add this endpoint to TMS via CUCM list one or several endpoints may show as "Not registered to CUCM".

Rebooting TMS or Removing the MAC for this endpoint or rebooting the endpoint or rebuilding the CUCM list still does not resolve this issue verify if the customer has multiple CUCM clusters and or multiple CUCM groups within the same cluster

Work around: Attempt to migrate the endpoint to another CUCM group

Some notes on TMS and CUCM:

This maybe related to a fail-over scenario in a clustered UCM setup. 

The fail-over happens when one UCM node goes down, for example when customer is upgrading CUCM to new version.

There is a problem in the way TMS handles endpoint registration status on the UCM.

TMS does not expect to get multiple statuses for the same endpoint coming from different CUCM nodes and does not take the time stamp provided by CUCM into account.

TMS also has a minor bug that causes problems with large numbers of unregistered endpoints,

Refernce DDTS  CSCtx40937.

The reason the problem clears itself after 24 hours is that UCM cleans up its endpoint registration status list, removing any endpoints that have been unregistered on a cluster node for more than 24 hours.

Sometimes it may be taking longer than usua to clear.

NOTE: TMS only supports a single  Cisco Unified CM cluster (one top level domain).

Some other specific details which will be added to the upcoming Cisco TMS Admin guide (coming out with TMS 14.1 very shortly) are:

  • •-         If a system is provisioned by Cisco Unified CM and there is a trunk to a Cisco VCS, Cisco TMS:
  • •-          will never use H.323 for the system even though it might support it.
  • •-          will never use IP dialing for the system.
  • •-          cannot verify that the trunk between the Cisco Unified CM and the Cisco VCS is set up correctly,
  •             Cisco TMS just assumes that it will work and that the Cisco VCS is able to route calls to the Cisco Unified CM and vice versa.
  • •-          Does not support MCUs or Cisco TelePresence Server SIP-trunked to the Cisco Unified CM.
  •             These must be registered to the Cisco VCS supports only one Cisco Unified CM top level domain.
  • •-          Will always append the top level domain to calls going through the Cisco Unified CM - make sure the Cisco VCS accepts this kind of dial plan/numbering scheme (unless you turn off native interop call routing).
  • •-         ONLY  supports one Cisco Unified CM cluster (one top level domain).

Therefore this issue could be related to more than one cluster and/or CUCM not appropriately cleaning up its endpoint registration status list

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