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Created by: Petrus Buiquy on 14-10-2012 09:10:48 PM
Hello David Lender
We had no problems using the Cisco CTISP with Spectrum ACD.
But we do have problem calling CONFERENCE_CALL_REQ when using Aspect ACD.
ControlFailureCode returned is CF_INVALID_CSTA_CALL_IDENTIFIER (11), but we are sure the CallIds are correct.
Our log shows that the Active CallId & the Held CallId both checked out ok, and we in fact have one call active & the other ON HOLD.
You have any ideas?
Thanks in advance

Subject: RE: New Message from Petrus Buiquy in CTI Server Protocol (GED-188) - CTI S
Replied by: David Lender on 15-10-2012 04:06:34 PM
I don’t have any ideas other than making sure you are specifying the right call on hold and don’t have them backwards in the CTISP fields on the CONFERENCE_CALL_REQ message.

You could also post the log snippet.

Subject: RE: CONFERENCE_CALL_REQ does not work with Aspect ACD
Replied by: David Lender on 17-10-2012 04:44:29 PM
I think you have to place the consult call using the CONSULTATION_CALL_REQ and specify the consult type as conference.  You cant just put a call on hold and use the MAKE_CALL_REQ to make the consult call and then try to conference them.

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