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This document provides the Troubleshooting steps to resolve the Phone Status showing "Out Of Service" on the Cisco Unified Enterprise Attendant Console (CUEAC) when the Extension Phones are not properly configured with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM).


Problem Description

Newly installed Cisco Unified Enterprise Attendant Console (CUEAC) Phone status shows as "Out of Service" for almost 98% of phones in Enterprise. Phone status is working fine only for few Phones.



Background Information


Detailed information specific to the mentioned issue.


  • Issue occurred in CUCM version

CUCM : 8.0.


  • Issue occurred in CUEAC version

System Version: Administration Version:


  • New Installation or Working earlier ?

This issue occurred in CUEAC new installation





Solution 1


Manual Process, hit F12


Extenstion Phone status showing OOS (Out Of Service) normally is referred to users not associated correctly to the device.


Step1: Get the device name from CUCM.


Step2: Go to the contact in Attendant Console client, hit F12 which will pull up Contact details.


Step3: Go to Contact Number and paste the device name


Step4: Log out and log back in to the CUEAC client


Solution 2


Make sure you have defined the Port and CUCM End user ID configuratio so that the Cisco Unified Attendant server will allow the Cisco unified Attendant admin tool to connect to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager automatically




Solution 3


Restart CTI manager service.


Related Bugs


Bug Id: CSCtj58580 & CSCtg27977 & CSCtd58316



Related Information

Rising star
Rising star

Good information.Thanks.


So is this the solution for enterprise customer with 5000 phones? Manually copy and paste devcie name from Call Manager for 5000 users?

Hi Anguel

Either of this solution works.  First verify the Port configuration and CUCM end user id configuration in your Cisco Unified Attendant server as per the solution 2 since you have got more phones. Then Restart the CTI manager service aswell and then check for the phone status.  Pl revert if you need any more help.


what about in the case two type of devices with sharded line in CUCM? physical IP Phone and CUPC device. always show the CSF device on CUxAC because it has priority the description field in alphanemeric order other than change the description field of SEPxxxx. As per TAC, need maual update all physical IP Phone MAC address on CUxAC. Any roadmap on this?

Gilberto Marcos

Hello I have tried all the tips and the result is the same. I am installing the CUEAC :

System Version:
Administration Version:

The call manager version is the 7.1.3

Is there another work around for this?

The Manual option is not the one I would use, I have 11,000 users.


Adding my 2 cents...

Had the exact same issues as above.  None of the solutions worked.  Was considering the Bill Gates solution and just rebooting everything, but that never shows what the real solution was.

I wound up restarting two services on the CUEAC server and solved the issue.  I am sure the reboot would have done the same, but no fun in that.

Services restarted on CUEAC via the ADMIN Web interface:

    Cisco Unified Attendant Server service

    Cisco Unified Attendant BLF Plug-in service

In hindsight, the BLF service was probably the culprit.


Suffering the same, here, no fixes on the horizion! This is probably a dead thread but can anyone point me in the direction of a non-TAC related fix?

We're on BAC 8.6, running CUCM 8.6, with TSP 8.6(2.7).

The only addidition/difference to the above comments is that when you hit F2 on a contact that you know is logged in. The status icon displays OOS but when you look at the actual status they display on hook. Their status updates with call activity (rining/off hook etc).

I've stopped CUPS plug in, as reports say it causes issues. I've restarted CTI Manager on all CUCM's and restarted the BLF plug in. Then ultimately completely reloaded the cluster incl. BAC to no avail.

Restarting BLF (either by service management or services.msc) will offer status updates but seems to only poll twice. After this we need to re-start BLF for any further updates. the whole time, status (F2 on contact), shows they are logged in.

This seems to be an apllication error, but I can't fathom it. I will log this with TAC, but if someone has a miracle fix (not adding userID's - which doesn't help), I'd appreciate it.



This is a year late but I experienced the same behavior in v9.0 after having changed the DN for several phones.   I too reset only the Cisco Unified Attendant BLF Plug-in service, logged out of CUEAC Client and all was good.

Paulo Ferreira

Finally!!! Something that solves the problem! Thanks tlwoodstx.

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