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This document provides procedures for upgrading from Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified

Communications Manager) Releases 6.1(2) through 9.0(1) to Cisco Business Edition 6000 Release 9.1(x).

You can upgrade to a virtualized deployment from Media Convergence Server (MCS) as well as Unified

Computing System (UCS) servers as part of this process.

This document is applicable to Unified Communications Manager clusters with the following environment:

• Any of the following Unified Communications Manager releases are installed: 6.1(2) through 9.0(1).

• Unified Communications Manager is installed on Media Convergence Server (MCS) and Unified

Computing System (UCS) servers

• No changes are required to the IP addresses or hostnames for the Unified Communications Manager

upgrade. If you need to change IP addresses or hostnames, you must do so in a separate maintenance

window, prior to the upgrade. For more information, see Changing the IP Address and Hostname for

Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Release 9.1(1).

It is not possible to upgrade directly to Cisco Business Edition 6000 Release 9.1(x) from the following Unified

Communications Manager releases:

• 6.1(2)

• 6.1(3)

• 7.0(1)

• 7.0(2)

• 7.1(2)

For these releases, you must perform upgrade to an intermediate release before upgrading to Unified

Communications Manager Release 9.1(x). Perform the upgrade in three stages:

1 Upgrade to Unified Communications Manager Release 6.1(x) or 7.1(x) as an intermediate release.

2 Upgrade to Release 9.1(x).

3 Restore data to the Cisco Business Edition 6000.

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