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Core Issue

The agent is in Ready state, ready to accept the next call. A call is routed from the queue to agent. The agent accepts the call, works on the call, then ends the call. Then there is a 30 second delay, to allow the agent to work or perform wrap-up duties before accepting the next call. After the delay ends, the agent automatically goes to Ready state ready to accept next call.


You cannot configure a wrap-up delay for an agent in Customer Response Solutions (CRS) versions prior to CRS 4.0. This is a new feature which is introduced in CRS 4.0. There is a work-around to allow the Aagent to automatically have a delay before accepting the next call. To do this, modify the IVR script as shown:

  1. On the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) script you are using to route the calls from the queue to an agent, find the Select Resource Step and change the      Connect property to No.

  2. Under the Select Resource Step you modified, there is a Selected step. Add a Delay step (The time should be the wrap-up time you want to configure. For   example, 30 seconds), and then a Connect step.

  3. Verify in CRS AppAdmin that all Integrated Contact Distribution (ICD) resources have Automatic Available set to Enabled.

  4. Verify in CRS AppAdmin that all the ICD Contact Service Queues (CSQs) have Automatic Work set to Disabled.

This is the expected behavior of the agents:

  • The agent ends the previous call and goes into Ready state.

  • The agent is selected to accept the next call, and the agent is put in a Reserved state.

  • The IVR script hits the 30 second delay. This gives the agent 30 seconds in the Reserved state.

  • After the delay ends, the call is routed to the agent.

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Voice applications  (CRS, PA, CCM Plugins, CER, CCC, MeetingPlace, etc.)

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Cannot be configured correctly


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CRS 3.0

CRS 3.1

CRS 3.5

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