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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

***This document assumes you are familiar with the configuration of Unity and CUCM, if you have questions on how to setup the required components please refer to the Admin guides for each products.***

*Customer wants to setup a "greeting" prior someone reaches a meet-me conference number, and wants to play another "greeting" if the meet-me conference is not available, some kind of fail-safe conversation
* Customer also wants to be able to 'deny' someone from entering an ongoing meet-me conference.

* Unity or Unity Connection

* Create partitions: meetme and meetme2
* Meet-Me conference number is 3621, we setup the meetme number on partition "meetme"
*Setup a CTI RP with DN 3621, (same as meet-me number), on partition "meetme2", this CTI DN must be CFA to VM
* Add the meetme2 PT to the voicemail ports / SIP Trunk CSS and place it at the top of it.
* Add the meetme PT to the GW and IP phone's CSS and place it at the top of it.

* On the Unity side, create a System Call Handler 'A' with ext 3621 or create a rule for forwarded calls from 3621 to send all calls from 3621 to the greeting of callhandler A

* On Call Handler A enable the caller input checkbox, the after greeting action should be hang up, and the re-prompt times should be 2, the caller input of call handler A is setup to send the caller to attempt transfer for call handler B, when pressing 1, of course the greeting should indicate to press 1 to access the meet-me 3261 conference.

* Call Handler B should have a transfer setting to call the ext 3621, set this up as a supervised transfer and set it to wait for 2 rings, with the supervised transfer the caller would hear the call handler B greeting if the meet-me number is not reachable, (fast busy / reorder), setup the after greeting action to hang up, and set this up to re-prompt 3 times, the caller input must be allowed and gives the caller the options to be transferred to the operator, dial by name or ext, or to hang up, you can setup the If Extension is Busy option to wait if desired.
* On the Transfer Rules for Call Handler B enable the Ask for Caller's Name checkbox and Ask Me If I Want to Take the Call checkbox you may enable the other 2 if desired, this will make Unity to prompt the caller for their name and make a call to the meet-me number and play the name of the caller and ask you if you want to accept the call or not, if you decline Unity will tell the caller that it is unavailable.


PSTN caller dial XXX 3621------TELCO sends 3621 to GW------> GW receives 3621 and sends the call to CCM------> CCM sends the call to CTI RP 3621------> CTI RP 3621 is CFA to VM------> Unity receives a forwarded call from 3621, check the rule and transfer the call to the greeting of call handler A------> Call Handler A greeting is played, caller press 1 to be sent to the meet-me conferece------> Call Handler A attempt transfer for Call Handler B------> Unity check the call transfer rules for call handler B and prompt the caller for their name, then make a supervised transfer to ext 3621 ------> Voice Mail ports / SIP Trunk CSS can only reach the meetme conference range...

At this point we have 2 options:

1) If the Meet-Me conference is already setup:
Unity will prompt the users in the meet-me if they want to accept the call from the caller and play the caller's name, if accepted, the caller will access the meet-me conference, the people that are in the conference already would hear a beep, if this is rejected Unity will tell the caller that the user is unavailable.

2) If the Meet-Me conference is NOT setup yet:
The caller would wait for 2 seconds on silence, then the caller would hear the greeting for call handler B, fail-safe prompt.


Christian Nuche


Vivek Batra

Hi Christian,

Thanks for sharing (+5).

- Vivek

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