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Core Issue

The BMsgConnector service is new in Cisco Unity 4.0(5). It monitors the broadcast message mailbox in order to see if there are inbound messages from a networked Cisco Unity server.

System broadcast messages are the recorded announcements that are sent to everyone in an organization or to particular locations within an organization. When each server is configured for Digital Networking, a system broadcast message can be sent to all the subscribers on all the Cisco Unity servers that share the same directory. Alternatively, a system broadcast message can be sent to all the subscribers on one or more specific Cisco Unity servers that access the same subscriber directory. In order to do this, address the message to the delivery location Dial ID of the desired server.

Note: The system broadcast messages do not light message waiting indicators (MWIs) on subscriber phones, nor do these messages cause distinctive dial tones in order to notify subscribers of a new message when they listen to their desk phone receiver. The system broadcast messages also do not trigger message notifications for alternative devices, such as a pager or another phone.

In order to allow one or more Cisco Unity subscriber(s) to send system broadcast messages to subscribers on multiple Cisco Unity servers, first set up and offer the subscriber(s) access to the Cisco Unity Broadcast Message Administrator. Refer to the Sending System Broadcast Messages section of the Cisco Unity Conversation chapter of the Cisco Unity System Administration Guide for information on setting up the Cisco Unity Broadcast Message Administrator.

The individual subscribers can be granted the permissions to send system broadcast messages either on the local Cisco Unity server only or to subscribers on multiple servers.

In organizations where there are multiple Cisco Unity or Cisco Unity Express servers that access different directories, the Voice Profile for Internet Mail (VPIM) Networking option must be used in order to include subscribers on those servers in the distribution of a system broadcast message. Refer to the Networked System Broadcast Messages section of Using VPIM for Networking with Cisco Unity Express or Other Cisco Unity Systems for information on setting up system broadcast messages to be distributed to VPIM locations.


The BMsgConnector service can be disabled if it is not used in the environment. Refer to Cisco Unity 4.x Services for more information.

If the service is required, complete these steps in order to eliminate the error message:

  1. At the Cisco Unity tools depot, open dohproptester. The USbms_ user user is among the MailUsers. On the right side, click AVP_Subscriber_TYPE, make sure that it is set to 0. If not, change it to 0, and click set. Then, restart the CsBMsgConnector service.

  2. Another option is to delete the USBms_ account from the active directory (AD) and purge the mailbox. There is a stored procedure in the Cisco Unity SQL database called sp_MakeBroadcastMbox. Use the Data Link Explorer utility (CUDLE) to execute it. This updates a SQL table. CUDLE is also located in the Cisco Unity tools depot.

Some Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) errors can appear in the event viewer as well. In order to prevent this error, complete these steps:

  1. Open the registry and choose HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{} in order to determine the friendly name of this component.

  2. Choose Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Components Services. Expand the Component Services branch. Then, expand Computers > My Computer > DCOM Config. Right-click Machine Debug Manager or whatever COM Class IDs (CLSID) represents, and choose Properties. Click Security and under Launch and Activation Permissions choose Use Default. Click OK. Close the Component Services window.

  3. Go to the DCOM settings and set Local Launch and Local Activation privileges on these:
    • AvLic

    • AvCsGateway

    • AvDSGlobalCatalog

Refer to these documents for more information:

Unity Errors

The CsBMsgConnector service encountered a problem accessing the Broadcast Messaging mailbox for this server. No incoming broadcast messages will be delivered locally until this is corrected.Examine the directory and/or mailstore for this mailbox to ensure it exists and is functioning

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