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Core Issue

The Cisco Database Layer Monitor service (aupair.exe) monitors aspects of the database layer as well as call detail records (CDR). The database layer comprises a set of dynamic link libraries (DLL) that provide a common access point for applications that need to access the database to add, retrieve, and change data. The Cisco Database Layer Monitor service performs functions such as the determination of whether the primary server is available during failover, the deletion of the oldest CDRs when the limit that is defined in the MaxCDRecords parameter is reached, and the move of CDRs from a subscriber to the primary database at a given interval, if needed.

Aupair that causes high CPU, could be cause of DBL issues. It is possible that a process,which is stuck in some running state due to an issue at that time on CDR Purging or a bulk, or a single CDR flat file, which is copied over from Subscriber to Publisher, has been corrupted somehow for no reason.


Complete these steps in order to resolve this issue:

  1. Restart the CDR insert service on the publisher.

  2. Restart Database Layer Monitor Service and RIS Collector Service on both publisher and subscriber.

  3. Republish and Reinitialize from DBLhelper.exe.

  4. If the issue still exists, then manually re-establish the Broken Cisco CallManager Cluster SQL Subscription with Cisco CallManager.

Refer to Reestablishing a Broken Cisco CallManager Cluster SQL Subscription with CallManager 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 for detailed steps.

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