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Created by: Stephan Steiner on 08-10-2013 04:05:06 AM
When I'm sending the following (I realize the evenlope is missing...)

<user><firstName>bbraun</firstName><lastName>test 4</lastName><userid>bbrauntest04</userid><password>bbraun01</password><pin>415113</pin><telephoneNumber>415113</telephoneNumber><userLocale>French France</userLocale><associatedDevices><device>TCTbbrauntest04</device></associatedDevices><primaryExtension><primaryExtension><pattern>415113</pattern></primaryExtension></primaryExtension><associatedGroups><userGroup><name>Standard CCM End Users</name></userGroup><userGroup><name>Standard CTI Enabled</name></userGroup></associatedGroups><enableCti>true</enableCti><digestCredentials>bbraun</digestCredentials><phoneProfiles><profileName>bbrauntest04</profileName></phoneProfiles><defaultProfile>bbrauntest04</defaultProfile><enableMobility>true</enableMobility><enableMobileVoiceAccess>true</enableMobileVoiceAccess><primaryDevice>TCTbbrauntest04</primaryDevice><ctiControlledDeviceProfiles><profileName>bbrauntest04</profileName></ctiControlledDeviceProfiles></user>

(the device and device profiles do exist), I get back the following error

Primary Extension DN should be associated with the associated devices of the User

Now... the device TCTbbrauntest04 does exist, as does the DN 415113 - and the device is also in the list of associated devices. So.. the error message is misleading... it implies that the request is wrong, whereas the problem is that to set the primary line, you first need to create the user, then update it setting the primary line.

And then here comes the bug (I really wished they'd resolve my CDN membership issues already so I can file immediately).. sending the following update command

xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">-<SOAP-ENV:Body>-<axl:updateUser
xmlns:axl="" xsi:schemaLocation="
sequence="1234"> <userid>bbrauntest04</userid> <firstName>bbraun</firstName> <lastName>test 4</lastName> <password>bbraun01</password> <pin>415113</pin> <telephoneNumber>415131</telephoneNumber> <userLocale>French France</userLocale>-<associatedDevices> <device>TCTbbrauntest04</device> </associatedDevices>-<primaryExtension>-<primaryExtension> <pattern>415131</pattern> <routePartitionName>p_international</routePartitionName> </primaryExtension> </primaryExtension>-<associatedGroups>-<userGroup> <name>Standard CCM End Users</name> </userGroup>-<userGroup> <name>Standard CTI Enabled</name> </userGroup> </associatedGroups> <enableCti>true</enableCti> <digestCredentials>bbraun</digestCredentials>-<phoneProfiles> <profileName>bbrauntest04</profileName> </phoneProfiles> <defaultProfile>bbrauntest04</defaultProfile> <enableMobility>true</enableMobility> <enableMobileVoiceAccess>true</enableMobileVoiceAccess> <primaryDevice>TCTbbrauntest04</primaryDevice>-<ctiControlledDeviceProfiles> <profileName>bbrauntest04</profileName> </ctiControlledDeviceProfiles> </axl:updateUser> </SOAP-ENV:Body> </SOAP-ENV:Envelope>

behaves as if everything is okay... but the primary extension has not been set (as confirmed by sending a getUser and querying the endusernumplanmap table).

And while we're at getUser - here's a snippet from the response

-<phoneProfiles> <profileName
uuid="6dd05d57-c88d-e840-904f-be8cccb41593">bbrauntest04</profileName> </phoneProfiles> <defaultProfile
uuid="6dd05d57-c88d-e840-904f-be8cccb41593">bbrauntest04</defaultProfile> <presenceGroupName
uuid="{AD243D17-98B4-4118-8FEB-5FF2E1B781AC}">Standard Presence

Note the different ways of writing uuids... all lowercase without curly braces versus all uppercase with curly braces.. For ctiControlledDeviceProfiles, we're also stuck with the lower case no braces syntax, while the rest of the guids use upper case with curly braces (user uuid, serviceProfile, etc.)

@edit: I also tried a very simple update.. just sending uuid and primaryExtension... but it's still a nogo. The operation goes through, but does nothing. only writing the appropriate entry directly into endusernumplanmap  table has the desired effect
Community Member

Hello, I've noticed this is indeed a bug and the workaround is to first update the Ext. Mobility Profile  (bbrauntest04) without the primary extension.

Once the first update request has been sent successfully, then send a second update with the primary extension tags <primaryExtension><primaryExtension><pattern>415113</pattern></primaryExtension>



I have the same issue and would like to know if there is no other way than directly updating the database.

But I noticed something strange, is there a reason why you have 2 times primary extension n your request?




Community Member

gdewinter this error occurs when you are trying to set the primary extension on a user, but that user isn't associated to any devices with that extension on it. The primary extension must be on one of the devices the user is associated to for the ability to set it as the primary extension.

I've also noticed this error when trying to do too much at once as well. For example, there is a bug in AXL because it fails when you try to associate a user to a device profile and update the primary extension at the same time. The workaround there is to first associate the device profile to the user (keeping the primary extension of the user blank) in a first AXL call. Once that's complete, send a second update to set the primary extension of the user in a second AXL call.

Hope that helps!

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