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Created by: Anas Rabei on 09-10-2012 02:12:04 AM
I am a java developer and this is my first time working with telepohon systems so execuse me if you find this question is not in the right place or does not contain much more information.
I am working in a brokerages company and the company has a call center that receives orders from our clients.
Our problem is simply that each customer has a priority level according to some business rules and our call center (which uses CISCO products) puts customers in the waiting queue.
The customers in this waiting queue are serverd (AFAIK) based on the period the customer spent in the waiting state but we waint to make the cutomers served based on thier priority in our system.
How could I make the waiting list serve the customers based on our business priority?
The only information I have is that we are using ICM, CVP, and CTIOS and we have a little java application based on CTIOS that monitor agents and calls.
If there are any information I should know kindly tell me to ask about as I do not have much more information as I said before.

Subject: RE: New Message from Anas Rabei in CTI Server Protocol (GED-188) - CTI Serv
Replied by: David Lender on 09-10-2012 09:26:12 AM
This sounds like a UCCE/ICM scripting question where you set the queue priority of the call.  You may wish to post your question in the Contact Center forums on
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