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Syed Shahzad Ali


CVP Reporting Server Installation Procedure

  • Run setup.exe from the CD/DVD.
  • Select Modify option.
  • Check Reporting as the additional package to install.
  • Select the root drive
  • Select to install the Small reporting server (10GB)
  • Enter the default password for database users (e.g C1sc0123)
  • Let Installshield to continue to install Reporting server.
  • Installation will install informix database
  • After the installation you will notice a message to notify that you need to run two .bat files after the reboot
  • Reboot the machine.
     * Login as user informix with the password you specified (e.g C1sc0123) 
    * Run the ReportingRunAsInformix.bat file, which is located in C:\Cisco\CVP\bin directory.
    * This will initialize the IBM informix database and the spece for the CVP Reporting Server on the hard drive.
     * Login as cvp_dbadmin with the default informix password (e.g C1sc0123) 
    * This time runn the ReportingRunAsCVP_DBAdmin.bat (in C:\Cisco\CVP\bin directory). 
    * This is going to create necessary Databace Tables
  • Now Login as Administrator.
  • Check the services to make sure that they are running
  • Review the Informix log: c:\db\informix\cvp_db_<hostName>.log.
  • At a command prompt type: onstat – and it will show a database status message
      e.g IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 10.00.TC5W4 -- On-Line -- Up 00:04:32 -- 93568 Kbytes
  • This means installation is successful

CVP Reporting Server OAMP Configuration Steps


Adding a Reporting Server to the Operations Console

  • CVP OAMP Server
  • Device Management


  • Add CVP Reporting Server



  • Adjust CVP Reporting Server properties if necessary



  • Adjust CVP Reporting Server Infrastructure related info



Configuration of VXML Reporting Data Parameters Using OAMP

  • Select Device Manager, CVP VoiceXML Server, Select the VXML Server
  • On the Configuration Tab, confirm that the two ‘Enable reporting’ radio buttons are ‘Yes’



  • Adjust filters based on your requirements. For example put a ‘*’ in inclusive filters for your application.



  • Select Save and Deploy.



Run On Demand Backup of Database Logs

On the Reporting Server Machine

  • Select the c:\cvp_db_backup directory. Notice the files and times.

On CVP OAMP Server Browser Window

  • Go to Device Management, CVP Reporting Server, Select your Reporting Server
  • Choose Database Administration
  • Select Reporting Database Backups
  • Select ‘Backup Now’, type in the password for cvp_dbadmin (e.g C1sc0123)
  • Select “Save and Deploy”.

On the Reporting Server Machine

  • Go to Start Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and Scheduled Tasks and confirm that the job exists.
  • Once it runs it will disappear
  • Go to Windows Explorer.  Select the c:\cvp_db_backup directory.  Notice the files and times.

Hi Shehzad,


When I'm running CVP Unified installation to install CVP reporting server on CVP Call server, I just find "Remove" option and it doesnt provide me "Modify" option to select Reporting server.


Please advise if I need to change any configuration before I can start CVP reporting installation.

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