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Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Please note that upgrade to 10.6(1) is only supported from 8.5(1) SU4, 9.0(2) SU2 or 9.0(2) SU3. Hence if you are running any version lower than this then first upgrade either to 8.5(1) SU4, 9.0(2) SU2 or 9.0(2) SU3 preferably the later one. Below is the Compatibility Matrix for the same thing as well:

Once you have upgraded to 9.0(2) SU2 or SU3, then follow the below steps in order to upgrade to 10.6(1). Ideally, I would recommend personally that you should upgrade to 10.6(1) SU1 i.e., instead of 10.6.1 base version. By the way, 10.6(1) SU2 is also out on April 1 in case you want to upgrade to that. The reason I recommend upgrading to 10.6(1) SU1 or later instead of 10.6(1) is because of the fact that it provides the Mixed Mode functionality natively wherein agents can use Finesse Desktop and CAD both at the same time in case if there is a need to do so. Also, there are lot of defects related to CUIC that exist on UCCX 10.6(1) which had been fixed in 10.6(1) SU1 and later release. Find the complete steps in order to upgrade from 9.0(2) SU2 or SU3 to 10.6.1/SU1/SU2

# Create a new folder on desktop name it as UCCX and copy the UCCX upgrade file and ciscouccx.refresh_upgrade_v1.9.cop.sgn file into this folder. Find the link below to download the Refresh Upgrade cop file and 10,6 upgrade image!y&mdfid=286279660&softwareid=280840578&release=10.6%281%29&os=

# Launch the “Free FTPD Tool”

# Click on Users -> Add -> Enter any login name for example Admin -> Click on Authorization drop down and select “Password stores as SHA1 hash” -> enter any password for example cisco -> Confirm the password -> Click on home directory box and select the UCCX folder from the desktop ( in which UCCX upgrade file and ciscouccx.refresh_upgrade_v1.9.cop.sgn files are stored ) -> uncheck FTP and Check SFTP and click on apply.

# On Free FTPD Settings window click on SFTP -> Click on “Listen Address” and enter the IP Address of your PC -> Port = 22 -> Max. no. of connections = 0 , Idle timeout = 0 -> SFTP root directory and select the UCCX folder created on desktop ( in which UCCX upgrade file and ciscouccx.refresh_upgrade_v1.9.cop.sgn files are stored ). -> Click on Apply & Save -> Click on Start -> Server status should be running.

# Go to Command line interface of the UCCX primary server.

# Run the following command

utils system upgrade initiate

# Enter following information –

Please select an option: 1 ( Remote File system ) Directory:\

Server: IP Address of PC

User Name: User name created on Free FTPD for example Admin

Password: Created on Free FTPD for example cisco

Protocol: 1 ( for SFTP )

# Choose the ciscouccx.refresh_upgrade_v1.9.cop.sgn and install the same:

# Once the refresh upgrade cop file had been installed on the primary server, please proceed with installing it on the secondary server as well in case of HA. Please perform the complete cluster reboot using the utils system restart command after applying the refresh upgrade cop file, first the primary UCCX and once it comes up, proceed with the restart of secondary UCCX server

# After the refresh upgrade cop file had been installed on both the servers, please proceed with installing the upgrade file on both the servers. Same procedure that you followed to install refresh upgrade cop file, first on primary UCCX server once that is done, then proceed doing the same on secondary UCCX server

Please note, by default refresh upgrade cop file will go in Active partition whereas the upgrade file will go in inactive partition

## Run the below commands to capture the active and inactive partition details of the system:

show version active

show version inactive

# Please proceed with the switch version using the utils system switch-version command, first on primary and once the server comes up successfully, proceed with doing the same on secondary server

Once the server had been upgraded successfully, please run the Client Configuration Tool once from any PC in the network where UCCX server resides so that whenever the agent or supervisors will launch their software for the first time post upgrade, they will be prompted to download and install the latest version of CAD or CSD.

Note: Please perform all the above mentioned steps during a maintenance window as this is a Refresh Upgrade and hence server will be rebooted multiple times during the upgrade process. Also, it is highly recommended that you perform all the above steps using the UCCX server CLI only and not through the OS Administration. In case you decide to upgrade to 10.6(1) SU1 or SU2 then also the steps mentioned above will remain the same

After the successful upgrade to 10.6(1), issue utils uccx finesse activate in order to activate Finesse. Run it on both the servers in case of HA. Since the migration from CAD to Finesse is completely manual, you can still refer to below section of Design Guide that highlights some best practices and other things in regards to this:

Refer to below docwiki in order to make changes post upgrade to vRAM, VNIC, RHEL version etc to avoid Error: VM configuration does not match the OVA profile

Virtualization for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express - DocWiki



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