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Shefali Sharma
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This article contains a small video to show how to collect call logs and packet capture from the TC Endpoints.



1)   Web Access to the TC Endpoint.

2)   Telnet/SSH Access to the TC Endpoint. (Here, I have use Putty software to take the SSH access)


Different ways of collecting call logs

1)  By Enabling Extended Logging:

       This can be enabled using the Web Interface of the codec.

       Extended Logging is enabled only for 3-10 minutes.

       Therefore, this method is generally used when the issue can be recreated immediately after the call connection 

To enable this method and collect logs from Web GUI: 

        a)  Login to the codec.

        b)  Under Diagnostics -> Log Files

        c)  Start Extended Logging -> Include Full Packet Capture

        d)  Make a call between the endpoints.

        e)  As soon as the issue occurs, Disconnect the call.

        f)   Diagnostics -> Log FIles -> Stop Extended Logging

        g)  Download the log bundle with Full Call History and the Packet Capture (.pcap file).

For example:


2)  By Enabling Debugging: 

       This can be enabled using the Command Line Interface of the codec.

       Debugging can be used when it takes more than 2-3 minutes to recreate the issue during a call.

       The following debug commands can be used to take debug logs:

        log output on

        log ctx sippacket debug 9

        log ctx h323packet debug 9

 To enable this method and collect logs from CLI: 

        a)  Take Telnet/SSH Access to the codec.

        b)  If you are using Putty software, start logging by enabling All Session Output to save the SSH session.

        c)  Login to the codec.

        d)  Type the debug commands.

        e)  Make a call between the endpoints.

        f)   As soon as the issue occurs, Disconnect the call.

        g)  Turn off the debug logging and close the session.

For example:

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Very helpful and precise video, thank you! 

Shefali Sharma
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Thank you

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This is a very helpful video.  Quick question - How do you download the debug files from the codec?

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Hi Shefali,


Thanks for sharing this Telepresence troubleshooting steps

very useful

Best Regards,

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Hi @Shefali Sharma - Thank you for this very helpful video. Can you also give advice on how to read the captured logs? I want to know where and when packet losses appeared in the logs. 


Thank you again.




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Can anyone help me understand what type of performance issues would arise form keeping the "extended logging" active on a TC permanently? I'm looking to see if there is any reason to not have them enabled vs enabling it on a as needed basis.



Thank you

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