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A Collaboration Christmas


Season’s Greetings to all, regardless of which holiday you celebrate.
Since I know Christmas the best, I whipped up a little something about it …

A Collaboration Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the sky

Santa’s reindeer and sleigh were flying real high

Delivering gifts to make children so happy and proud

And give a whole new meaning to “services from the Cloud.”

All the toys had been constructed by distributed teams

Of elves, working remotely to fulfill those kids’ dreams.

When the weather was nasty, WebEx was key

To ensure their business continuity.

Some worked in the shop and some worked in their homes

And they talked to each other on IP softphones.

The Elf Manager used Telepresence with his global suppliers

Until he busted the screen when he threw his pliers.

It was a heated negotiation, and he screamed angrily…

“Hey don’t play your reindeer games with me!”

Through a Quad community update, Santa got the news

And IM’d the Manager about blowing his fuse

Who from his smartphone apologized about being defiant

(And it was ironic that big Santa was using a thin client.)

Mrs. Claus was a Social Media Assistant of sorts

Validating the Naughty List with SocialMiner reports.

The reindeers’ Presence lights were GREEN as they licked their salt

Except Rudolph, who set “RED” as his permanent default.

Santa downloaded a Cius app to help get through the snow

Using a tip he had learned on a TechwiseTV show.

So Christmas is not really such a “magical” tale,

Without Cisco expertise it would be an epic fail!

The truth is it takes Collaboration technology to do it.

That’s the real story kids, and I’m sticking to it.

Have a wonderful holiday break!

David Goad

Collaboration Customer Reference Team

Cisco Employee

You never cease to amaze me with your creativity.  I never knew we (Cisco) played such a key role in Santa's mission!

Merry Christmas!
Cisco Employee

David, has anyone ever told you that you got talent!?

I mean special talent! Yes, you really do!

Merry Christmass!


Thanks Miro!  Just having fun


Just reporting the truth Maureen

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