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add user to finesse


We have a user that needs access to finesse.  Most users have a physical phone, but this user is just using a jabber client.  I have added the IPCC extension to the user as well as assigned the user to the correct team in UCCX.  But when the user attempts to login to the finesse website they get the message "The device associated with that extension or dial number is invalid".  What am I missing?

there is an application user in call manager which contains all your devices that are allowed to be used in finesse logons... you will see SEPxxxx phones are added you need to add the users jabber phone to this list CSF* or in our case CSFusername....... dont bother using mobile devices
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Basically, UCCX can not find the phone number registered (or cannot control it)... Like @marshs mentioned, You need to add the CSF to the end user, and also to the RMCM application user.
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That is correct, no device will allow login into finesse if its not in the application user and the device should also be associated to the user in their profile. I have configured Jabber working great in their along with recording in Calabrio. ver CCX 11.6.2

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