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Adding contacts manually to Jabber


Trying to add contacts manually to jabber so we can utilize one touch calling.  These contacts are generally out of our corporate domain but we have also found that we can't add contacts that are out of our OU within the as well.  We have added the poilcy to allow IM within Domain (whitelisted) but that also is not working.  It appears by importing xontatcs via xml is the only choice.

It seems we are only limited to adding contacts within our OU.  The agency is trying to leverage the WebEx connection rather than local presence but again it stills seems that we can't connect.

Ive used the WebEx Connect Client and met with some success ofr out of doamain contacts (but still keep getting that annoying "Prending Response" message on the contact. (using the template for the xml file and importing)

Is there a setting Im missing or is there something I need to have Cisco manipulate in the cloud or perhaps something with our AD.

Any suggestions can't hurt; a solution would be great! 


Please delete this document and create it as a discussion thread. We use documents for "how to" type information, not Q&A.