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After Cisco Unity failover occurs, callers reach voicemail, but new callers do not connect and instead receive the reorder tone


Core Issue

The problem becomes apparent when the primary Cisco Unity server fails and Cisco CallManager needs to hunt  through the unregistered ports of the primary Cisco Unity server to the first registered port on the failover Cisco Unity server.

If the maximum number of call forward hops is reached, Cisco CallManager stops forwarding through the voicemail ports, and the users hear the reorder tone.


For a possible workaround to this problem, fail back to the primary Cisco Unity.

To resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. In Cisco CallManager Administration, select Service > Service Parameters. Choose a server and select the Cisco CallManager service.    

  2. Set the VoiceMailMaximumHopCount to the maximum number of ports you want to use.    

  3. Set the AdvancedCallForwardHopFlag to True.    

    Note: This flag sets the maximum forward hop count to only apply to the maximum number of forwards performed on voicemail ports. It does not apply to the maximum number of forwards performed on regular calls.


For more information about configuring advanced call forward and how it applies to configuring Cisco Unity failover, refer to Integrating Cisco CallManager with Cisco Unity 3.1 Failover.

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