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After ES 26 is applied on Cisco CallManager 4.2(3), while attempting any modifications on the 7941/7961/7970 IP phones from the Cisco CallManager Administration page, the "Cisco Discovery protocol CDP : switch Port: Warning! CDP should only be di


Core Issue

The modification of any third generation IP phones, such as 7941, 7961, or 7970, from the Cisco CallManager Administration page after the 4.2.3 ES26 update generates the "Cisco Discovery protocol CDP : switch Port: Warning! CDP should only be disabled on the Network Port if the phone is connected to non-switch.For further details , consult the call Manager Administration guide.Note If you clicked update just prior to receiving this message, the update operation did not occur.PLease click ok and then click update again to save your changes CDP warning, and then an option to Click OK appears. After OK is clicked, the message appears again with the same description, which includes VT Advantage. An option to Click OK appears again as well.

The update does take effect.


This issue is documented in Cisco Bug ID CSCsi52910.

There are no workarounds for this issue.

This issue is fixed in these versions:

  • 4.1(3)SR05

  • 4.2(3)SR02a

  • 4.3(1.62)

  • 4.3(1)SR01

  • 3.3(5)ES62

  • 4.1(3)ES112

  • 4.2(3)ES32

In order to download the Service Releases (SRs), go to Cisco Downloads. Or, open a case with Cisco Technical Support with the TAC Service Request Tool in order to obtain an appropriate Engineering Special (ES) patch.