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After every scheduled BARS backup of the Cisco CallManager 4.x, the "18278 - Database log truncated:Database:<>" error message shows up in the application event log


Core Issue

ter every backup of Cisco CallManager 4.x, there is an error logged in the application event log when the Backup and Restore System (BARS) is performed:

18278 Database log truncated:Database:>


The event that is logged in the Application log is not a critical error. It informs that the SQL backup is complete and as such the transactional logs are not needed and so are deleted. This is so because if those logs are kept, the size of the Database increases, which causes disk space shortage and hence there can possibly be issues with services that stop.

MCS BackupUtility by default deletes the transactional [Administrative
Reporting Tool (ART)/ Call Detail Records (CDR)] logs after a backup. When this is done, the error is logged. MCSBackup basically reduces/removes unnecessary data to be backed up, grabs a copy of the database, and backs up this copy to the stream file.

Microsoft has already announced this issue.  Refer to A "Database log truncated" error is logged in the Event Log when you try to back up the transaction log for more information.

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