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After the Cisco Unity is upgraded from 3.x to 4.x, callers experience a long pause while the Cisco Unity menu options are played


Core Issue

After Cisco Unity is upgraded from 3.1 to 4.0(5), callers experience a long pause while the Cisco Unity menu options are played. Voice mail messages can be sent and received without issues. It does not resolve the issue to run the latest Permission Wizard, upgrade the TSP version, and reboot the Cisco Unity server.


In order to resolve this issue, check the settings under SAWeb > System > Configuration > Settings > Wait XXXX milliseconds for additional key presses. The default value for this is 3000 ms. It can be reduced further to 1000, which is the minimum value. 

The System > Configuration > Settings also controls the timeout values for the conversations played in order to validate subscriber IDs and passwords. In order to adjust the time that Cisco Unity waits for a second key before acting upon the first, known as the double-key timeout, use the Advanced Settings Tool. In order to learn more, refer to the Advanced Settings Tool Help in the Cisco Unity Settings list. Click Conversation Set "Double Key Press" Time. The Advanced Settings Tool is available in the Tools Depot. Set this value to 250 ms, which is the minimum value recommended.

Refer to the Subscriber Template Conversation Settings section of Subscriber Template Settings for more information.

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