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After the Nuance ASR software is installed on the same box as the CRA server and a Nuance ASR subsystem is configured/added, the subsystem does not display in the Subsystem dropdown menu on the CRA Admin Menu


Core Issue

This issue can occur when Nuance Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and TTS software is installed on the same box as the Cisco Customer Response Application (CRA) server. There are no issues running through the setup of the Nuance software when IP Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is installed first and then Nuance software is installed beginning with Disk 5.  But the Nuance ASR subsystem is not displayed in the Subsystem dropdown menu on the CRA Admin Menu.

The reason for this issue is that there are no Nuance licenses in the license directory when the system is first installed. Before you can install your Speech    Server software, you must obtain the license file(s) by registering your PAK on the Cisco Connection Online Customer Registration web page before you install Cisco CRA. Refer to the Using the Product Activation Key to Register section of Installing Cisco CRA 3.1 for instructions. Licenses apply to languages, not to language groups.


Reinstall the CRS software starting with Disk 1, with the Nuance licenses in the license folder. Then, do the Nuance install    starting with Disk 5. Once you install the Nuance application, you should be able to configure the ASR and TTS subsystems with no problems. Refer to Installing Nuance ASR and TTS for complete installation instructions.

Note: Answer No to the question "Do you want to delete the database" when you run through the re-install in order to make sure that you do not lose any data in the Disk 1 installation.

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