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Aligned, or maligned - IT "failures"

Cisco Employee

HBR ITaligned.png

I read one of those great Harvard Business Review "management tips" this am and it succinctly pointed out that businesses shouldn't blame IT for IT project failures.  The writer even went on to suggest that a business exec should be assiged to every technology project to ensure success. Initially, I thought.. "well, that makes sense" but then my perspective changed. 

I think the blame for a failed technology project should lie directly with IT leadership. The days where IT can exist in a vacuum without direct awareness and connection to business outcomes and impact are long gone.  Today's IT leaders need to be the very businessmen that this article seeks.  IT must embrace a holistic view of its toolsets as business tools.  True, every business needs mechanics, but today's Enterprise 2.0 technology enablement requires much, much more...

Collaboration, Relevance, and Results are derived from the effective usage and adoption of technologies which deliver more high value transactions and deeper customer relationships.  End of story.. If your IT project failed.. forget focusing on blame. Instead focus on forging a relationship with IT professionals based in both IT acumen as well as business savvy!

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