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Announcing First Customer Shipment for Customer Collaboration Release 11.0


Cisco is pleased to announce that Release 11.0 of its Customer Care product portfolio has reached First Customer Shipment (FCS). The Customer Collaboration 11.0 portfolio has been enriched with new omnichannel capabilities for all product lines, most notably including support for Context Service* and consumer-to-agent video on mobile and high end devices via Cisco Remote Expert. The recording and playback experience has been enhanced with new search and play capabilities in Cisco MediaSense.

Select specific new product capabilities include:

Unified Contact Center Express includes new capabilities and an enhanced user experience for its Finesse agent and supervisor desktop for voice, email and chat handling, plus reporting improvements in Cisco Unified Intelligence Center. Finesse IP Phone Agent is also supported, enabling agents to use their Cisco IP phone to perform common agent tasks. Workforce Optimization capabilities have been enhanced with advanced planning and gamification tools. For details on these and other new or enhanced capabilities, review the release notes here.

Unified Contact Center Enterprise has received significant improvements to cater to large and demanding customer care environments. Unified CCE now has the next generation Live Data architecture, which provides better scale and an improved real-time reporting experience. For exceptionally large businesses with consolidated customer interaction needs, the new Contact Sharing capabilities allow efficient very large scale deployments. Unified CCE and the matching Unified Customer Voice Portal now use the full extent of the Cisco third-generation gateway series for better scale and more efficient outbound campaign dialing, while the Unified CVP service creation environment has been enhanced with better back-office integration tools. In addition, email and web enhancements via Cisco Unified E-Mail Interaction Manager (EIM) and Web Interaction Manager (WIM) will be available shortly. For complete details, review the release notes for Unified CCE here and Unified CVP here.

Packaged Contact Center Enterprise has received a significant scale increase to 1,500 agents as well as a new automated installation procedure that streamlines installation time down to mere minutes. Support for Extension Mobility allows agents to temporarily access their configuration from other Cisco Unified IP Phones.  Finesse IP Phone Agent is also supported. For complete details, review the release notes here.

* Context Service is a cloud-based omnichannel service for users of Cisco Customer care products that provides storage, tagging, and management of the data from interactions between businesses and their customers. For more information about Context Service and its availability, see

Ordering and Upgrading:

New customers may use Cisco Commerce Workspace for orders. Existing customers with a valid service contract can order upgrades by using the Product Upgrade Tool. For more information, visit the Ordering Page:

Product Literature and Documentation:

For complete product literature including data sheets, release notes, documentation, and presentation** materials please visit the following links:

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express:

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise:

Packaged CCE:

Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal:

Cisco Unified Intelligence Center:

Cisco Finesse:

Cisco MediaSense:

Cisco Unified E-Mail Interaction Manager:

Cisco Unified Web Interaction Manager:

** Presentation materials for partners are located in the Partner Resources area under Product Literature. Login is required.

For more information, additional resources and questions, please visit 


Hi Jeff. The UCCE/ICM, Finesse, CVP, etc formerly came as part of the Collaboration NFR Bundle (link below). It appears this is no longer the case. How would a Cisco Development Partner go about ordering the v11 software for these components for a development lab? Any help is appreciated as we need to be able to support our customer integrations who will be upgrading to v11 in the coming months. Our priority at this point is UCCE/ICM.


Hi!  The CCBU Product Management team advises that starting with the 10.6 release, contact center products are no longer included in the Collaboration NFR bundle. The FAQ for the bundle explains why.  You can still directly order NFR kit for UCCE v11, however-- see the Pricing Guide for details at…          

Cisco Employee

Hello Jeff,

I have a customer query about 11.0.1 release of UCCX. They can see in CCW, however when they go to CCO software download page UCCX 11 folder is missing upgrade .ISO image.

How would customer get it?



Cisco Employee

If the customer has a valid UCSS/SWSS contract they would need to order the upgrade via the Product Upgrade Tool (PUT). If they do not have a current UCSS/SWSS contract they would need to order an a-la-carte upgrade.

Please refer to the ordering guide for more details.



Cisco Employee

Thanks Girish for confirming this !!

Shadab Abbasi


Global Virtual Engineering

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