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Ask The Expert - CWMS OVA Installation

Jyothi V

In this video, we talk about the system requirements for CWMS OVA installation and also the step-by-step procedure to create a CWMS virtual machine.
How can you get the OVA for CWMS?
What are the hardware requirements for CWMS installation?
Is co-residency with other VM supported?
What is the order of deploying the VMs for a CWMS system?
Why is thin provisioning not supported with CWMS?

Anil Sharma

hi Jyothi,

Thanks for the video, I see the video is little old however would appreciate your response to below queries. How about installation of web & media VM's.

You only installed Admin VM in this video, you talked about automatic installation however I would need more clarity.

Can you please advise on the procedure of installing the other 2 needed VM's. (do we need to install them as separate VM's , can't all these roles exist on 1 VM).  

And do we need a dedicated server (hardware) to install CWMS ?


Anil Sharma.

Cisco Employee

Hi Anil,

CWMS does require dedicated hardware for it's VMs. Depending on the Size of your deployment, there are different hardware requirements and VM arrangements. This can be reviewed in CWMS Planning Guide:

As for deployment of the VMs, you can choose between Automatic and Manual deployment. With Automatic, you deploy CWMS Admin VM from OVA, and then by entering information in web wizard the deployment will automatically install all the needed VMs (depending on deployment size and if you want to add Public Access/IRP VM). If you opt for Manual deployment, you would need to use the same OVA file, and manually deploy each needed VM and then by using web deployment wizard on Admin VM you would connect those manually deployed VMs to the deployment.

Please, review the Administration Guide for deployment instructions:

I hope this will be of help.


Anil Sharma

Thx Dejan, for your response. Appreciate it


Hi Anil,

  Along those lines of additional VMs to install.  Is it possible to use a physical Reverse Proxy appliance to replace the role of the IRP (Internet Reverse Proxy) VM?  If so, is there any documentation that explains what configuration needs to be done?


Cisco Employee

Hi Jeffrey,

This is not supported. IRP has a specific function and is not designed like general Proxy server.



Do we need to resolve all servers IPs to FQDN

or just admin server IP needs to be resolved ?

Cisco Employee


DNS server that CWMS VMs will point to must be able to resolve FQDNs for all CWMS VMs, as well as WebEx Site and Admin Site URLs.

As for external DNS server (on the internet), only WebEx Site URL needs to be resolvable.



Hello Team,

I want to ask about the deployment of CWMS 2.6 version.

the design chosen is: Non Split Horizon Network Topology.

So, we have the first server Admin on the LAN (Internal Network) and the second server IRP on DMZ zone.

The customer use the NAT between Internal network and DMZ zone.

My question, is the NAT supported between the internal server (ADMIN) and IRP (that is on DMZ)?

Thanks a lot,

Best Regards,

Cisco Employee

Hi Omar,

Here you can find all the information about what is supported by CWMS when it comes to NAT-ing:

Feel free to use actual Conferencing community to ask further questions so we can create dedicated discussion and save this information.

I hope this will help. 



Hello Dejan,

Thanks too much for your answer.

I have read the document Planing Guide and Administration Guide, but I can't be sure if the NAT is supported between the Admin server (LAN) and the IRP (DMZ).

For this reason I think to ask you if you have any idea?

Thanks again,

Best Regards,


Nice info!

We have a scenario for upgrading 50 user from 2.8MR2 to 3.0 to be able to expand to 3.0 on new hardware. The original UCS does not have enough disk space to support the upgrade. Do you have any recommendations on the best way to proceed ?

Can we thin provision to get by to get the upgrade to 3.0 complete on the exiting UCS and then expand on  the new UCS or  perform the upgrade on new UCS and copy disk 4 between UCS datastores?
What is the best way to copy Disk 4? 


Is there are backup restore method we could use?


Looking for options, thank you! 

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