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Attend Collaboration Sessions at Cisco Live 2013 in Orlando from June 23-27


If you are attending Cisco Live 2013 in Orlando from June 23-27, we encourage you to attend a variety of Collaboration sessions at the conference. See listing and registration instructions below.

Additionally, if you are a Cisco Collaboration User Group member you can attend exclusive product direction and Q&A open forum sessions with Cisco product managers. See user group sessions and instructions to join the user group and register for these sessions.

After identifying the sessions from the listing below, register now to reserve a spot and ensure entry at the show:

Step 1: Register for Cisco Live

Step 2: Add Sessions

Register for Cisco Live to create a My Cisco Live account. You must complete this step before adding sessions.

Log in to your My Cisco Live account and add the sessions you want to attend. Links to session IDs are listed below.

Technical Breakout Sessions

(Two hour or 90-min duration) Sessions focus on technologies, architecture strategies, applications, and troubleshooting details for a particular Cisco solution or technology. Sessions range from introductory to advanced technical skill level and also, cover new products and feature or functionality updates to existing products.

The types of breakouts include:

Best Practices: These sessions are designed to show how best to utilize technology in deployment and also to solve business problems

Design: These sessions are designed to explain how to take Cisco technology and utilize in your own environment. Specifically these sessions identify how to create proper architectures.
Deployment: These sessions focus more on the method of deployment of technology. They cover the architecture and best methods for doing cutovers and other real life scenarios of deployment.
Implementation: These sessions focus on taking architectures and designs, then putting them into practice in their own environments

Business Strategy and Architecture Sessions

(60 minutes) Business Strategy and Architecture (BSA) sessions are designed to look at the strategy that drives technology or business decisions. Architectures and solutions with multiple technologies can be examined. These sessions may touch on Cisco technology, however will not be the focus.

Customer Case Study Sessions

(60 minutes) Sessions delivered by actual Cisco customers, partners or Cisco IT staff, focused on best practices, performance metrics, and recommendations for deploying, managing and extending Cisco product features and capabilities to achieve specific IT and/ or business benefits.
Case studies can be Cisco case studies (presented by a Cisco representative on behalf of a customer), partner case studies and customer case studies.

Cisco Developers Network Sessions

The sessions in the Cisco Developer Network (CDN) program offer the information and insight on key Cisco technologies that support integration, including voice and unified communications, wireless/mobility, and network management. You’ll gain knowledge on the application programming interfaces (APIs) and open interfaces, supporting technical documentation, and other tools to help you develop the network-based business solutions.

Cisco on Cisco Sessions

(90 minutes) Sessions will cover key drivers, trends and challenges with deploying collaboration technologies at Cisco. We'll talk about our journey, provide specific examples and share key lessons learned.

General Sessions

Collaboration and Video Keynote- Marthin De Beer, Cisco SVP, Video and Collaboration Group, will deliver the solution keynote on Monday, June 24, from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

The Customer Appreciation Event is always one legendary party and this year it’s on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 from 7:30pm – 11:30pm. And this year, we have a legendary band to help us celebrate – Journey! 

Welcome to the first Cisco Empowered Women Network event on Sunday, June 23 from 4:00pm -  7:00pm.  Tomorrow starts here – and it starts with connecting you – to other successful and driven women who are Cisco customers, partners and employees.

Interactive Demo Station

Interactive Demonstration Labs are available at the booth for you to get hands-on experience on specific collaboration solutions from Cisco. These labs are designed to offer a high-level understanding of our underlying technologies through a 3 to 5 minute pre-designed tutorial.  The Interactive Demonstrations allow you to explore first hand a range of collaboration features.

Product or Solutions Overview Sessions

(45 minutes) Sessions designed to give updates on a product or solution family while also providing understanding of benefits of different products in a given family. This should include ROI, speeds and feeds, and other information utilized in EBCs. 

Technical Seminars

IT Management Sessions

Collaboration User Group Sessions

Product Direction Sessions: Cisco product managers from across the Collaboration Technology Group will share their product roadmaps for the next 6 - 12 months. Sessions spread throughout the week.

Q&A Open Forum Session: Voice your opinion and ask your questions! Interact with a panel of product managers representing all areas of the Cisco Collaboration Technology Group, engineering experts, and your fellow CUG members.

Focus Group - Perceptions of BYOD: In this interactive NDA working session, we’ll be examining the Perceptions of BYOD from Cisco’s user experience research, and how these map to a variety of strategies in response to this phenomenon. We’ll discuss your company’s transitions to better understand how multiple needs can be fulfilled as we take an early peek at the next Cisco features built to embrace an “anyone, anywhere, on any device” approach.

CUG Business Meeting: Join your fellow CUG members for the annual business meeting. Members will discuss user group programs, tools, and how to build enhanced value in the future.

In the Cisco Live Event Catalog, search on Session Type “CUG session.” Invite colleagues to join the CUG to schedule these sessions.

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