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Background images on IP Phone 7970 are not updated after user configures different images


Core Issue

To configure additional background images on the Cisco IP Phone 7970, refer to Customizing the Cisco IP Phone.

The user put the images in the location specified in the instructions and configured the list.xml file according to the instructions. However, even after resetting the 7970 phone, the new background images were not updated in the phone.


By default, in Cisco CallManager 4.0 and later, the TFTP server has caching enabled and caches configuration and other files that it uses. The files in the cache might not reflect the changes in the actual files until the TFTP server service is restarted.

To resolve this issue, choose from one of these options:

  • Restart the Cisco TFTP server service by performing these steps:

    1. Open up a web browser to the Cisco CallManager Administration web page.
    2. From the Application menu, select Cisco CallManager Serviceability.
    3. From the Tools menu, select Control Center.
    4. Select the server where the TFTP server service is running. You have to repeat the remaining steps for each server that has the TFTP server service running.
    5. Select Cisco TFTP and click the Restart button.

      Note: This temporarily affects devices currently attempting to register to Cisco CallManager or using the CallManager TFTP service, but does not affect currently registered devices.

  • Disable the caching feature of the TFTP service (as the caching feature improves the performance of the Cisco TFTP server) by performing these steps:

    1. Open up a web browser to the Cisco CallManager Administration web page.
    2. From the Service menu, select Service Parameters.
    3. Select any server (as the parameters you are changing apply to all servers in the cluster) and select the Cisco TFTP service.
    4. On the Service Parameters Configuration page, click the Advanced button to see all the parameters.
    5. Change both the Enable Caching of Constant and Bin Files at Startup and Enable Cachine of Configuration Files to Fales.
    6. For the changes to take effect, click the Update button and restart the TFTP services.

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