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Cisco CallManager Bulk Administration Tool (BAT)

BAT is a web based service for use in perfomring bulk adminstration on the Cisco CallManager Database. BAT faciltates repetative administration process regarind adding, updating, or deleting large numbers of users, ports, and similar phone models. BAT is installed as part of the Cisco CallManager adminstation services, see Cisco CallManager administration guide for more details.

You can use BAT to work with the following types of devices and records:

•Add, update, and delete Cisco IP Phones including voice gateway (VG) phones, computer telephony interface (CTI) ports, and H.323 clients, and migrate phones from Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP) to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

•Add, update, and delete users

•Add, update, and delete User Device Profiles

•Add, update, and delete Cisco IP Manager Assistant (IPMA) managers and assistants

•Add, update, and delete ports on a Cisco Catalyst 6000 FXS Analog Interface Module

•Add or delete Cisco VG200 analog gateways and ports

•Add or delete Forced Authorization Codes

•Add or delete Client Matter Codes

•Add or delete Call Pickup Groups

You can also work with these devices in combination with the user information. For example, when you add CTI ports and users, BAT allows you to "Enable CTI Application Use." This saves time when you are adding users who have applications that require a CTI port, such as Cisco IP SoftPhone.

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