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BroadWorks Signaling Call Analyzer


Tool Description

This Log Analysis tool helps you analyze the call processing and the signaling information collected by the XSLog logs from the Cisco BroadWorks system.  This tool also supports a broad range of other Cisco products and technologies. 

This tool can be used at various stages during an investigation:

  • To validate the collected data during the initial triage
  • To parse (filter out) the XSLog files
  • To assist for the analysis of call scenarios
  • To identify known/common issues using the DSig (Diagnostic Signatures)

It provides a list of all calls identified from the uploaded and analyzed XSLog files along with the signaling details for the selected calls with the corresponding ladder diagram representation.  At the time of this article, the following protocols and functionalities are supported with this tool specifically for the Cisco BroadWorks product:

  • SIP protocol
  • MGCP protocol
  • Diameter billing interface
  • Call Control (OCI-C)
  • CFW Call Recording

SIPsupport.pngSIP Support, partial ladder diagram example

MGCPsupport.pngMGCP Support, partial ladder diagram example

CallControlSupport.pngBasic Call Control Support, partial ladder diagram example

BillingSupport.pngDiameter Billing Support, partial ladder diagram example

CFWsupport.pngCFW Call Recording, partial ladder diagram example


Details are provided for each call leg, such as:

  • Calling and Called Party information
  • Routing information (inbound and outbound session IDs, callhalf-<ID> identities)
  • Duration, connection status and timestamp

LogOverview.pngLog Overview exampleCallDetail.pngCall Detail example

  • The complete SIP signaling flow is available as well as a detailed view of each SIP Message by clicking on SIP message you are interested in.  In order to be consistent with the XSLog, the ladder diagram is using the sessionID (known as callhalf-<ID>) for the network element connection point instead of the IP address/port.

SignalingSummary.pngSignaling Summary example

LadderDiagram.pngLadder Diagram example

MessageDetail.pngMessage Detail example

  • Some diagnostic checks and actions to resolve are suggested

CSADsig.pngCSA Diagnostic Signature generic example

Disclaimer: The BroadWorks support in this tool has been recently added and therefore, the integration is still at the early stages.  For that reason, issues or anomalies could be observed while using this tool.  In such case, any feedback ( is more than welcome and will help us to improve the overall tool efficiency and accuracy.


Tool developers:

Kristof Van Coillie - Technical Leader Services
Vladimir Sidimak - TAC Engineer
Necati Cehreli - TAC Engineer

BroadWorks integration developers:

Sylvain Lavallée – Technical Leader Services
Vincent Simard – Technical Leader Services

Customer Use Cases

Analyzing diagnostic logs and packet captures can be time consuming and difficult as you need to find the call you are interested among possibly hundreds of other calls. This tool gives you a quick overview of all the SIP Calls, provides you useful information and shows you the relevant messages.

It helps to troubleshoot:

  • Failing BroadWorks calls
  • Signaling failures
  • Service interaction issues


Cisco BroadWorks


How to use this tools:

  1. Upload the diagnostic log archive and click on Analyze
  2. Click Analyze
  3. An overview is given of all SIP Calls found and all RTP Streams found

When selecting a call additional information is displayed for this call and you can switch between the different tabs to see the call details, the SIP signaling, issues found (when applicable)




Can't find it on the page. The link you posted is to general page and from there I searched among all tools available,

but can't find it anywhere. 




Cisco Employee
Hi Calin,
Thanks for your comment. If you don't see the tool, it is probably because your Cisco CCO profile does not have the access level 2 or higher. This is required for accessing this tool. The redirect to the main page is the expected behavior when the access level requirement is not met.
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