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Buying Shared Multiparty Licensing with TelePresence Endpoint


The Shared Multiparty (SMP) Licensing offered with TelePresence endpoints supports Multiparty conferencing using TelePresence infrastructure components on customers premises. The customer acknowledges by purchasing SMP license that they have already or plan to deploy the necessary hardware to support Multiparty Conferencing.

Each SMP license allows for one concurrent meeting with unlimited participants, deployed using Cisco Meeting Server or Cisco Telepresence Server. The SMP license also includes 1 Expressway Rich Media Sessions (RMS), and the CUCM/Expressway TP Room License. A single RMS licenses now only needed on Expressway-E with version X8.8 and higher.

For Multiparty conferencing using the SMP License requires one of these options deployed;

  • Cisco Meeting Server(s) with an activation key (R-CMS-K9, included with CMS1000 bundle)
  • Cisco TelePresence Server without screen licenses, Cisco Telepresence Conductor, and Cisco TelePresence Management Suite (TMS) with Provisioning Engine (TMS-PE).

New customers without CUWL Pro or Meetings, should look at the SMP Starter Kit to get initial package licenses.

Existing customers can just add additional SMP License to their Meeting Server or Conductor.

For deployment details, see here

More information on SMP along with Personal Multiparty for CUWL-Pro customers, see this at a glance.

Ordering guide with CCO login at

(This note is for CCW users ordering SMP needing more information)



   You can always buy RMS licensing ala-carte. Cisco nows allows just using


Now with x8.8 licensing has changed and now you don't need 1 RMS on C and one on E. You will need just one on E. So you would need 2 licenses for two partners. There are some issues today where RMS isn't counted correctly when internal endpoints join TP which are not controlled by conductor, MCU or TCS but that will be fixed in post x8.8.  If it is conductor controlled or Acano you are good. If that issue happens I believe you can ping licensing and have them issue that correctly. If you have issues escalate to the PM who posted this since maybe licensing may not be aware of these recent changes.

These are partner links

Important changes to Expressway Ordering: Effective June 28th

Expressway SIP Registrations update for Cisco Field Sales and Partners


Hi Srini,

Currently customer has CUCM cluster with CUWL STD license (1000 users). They are looking to Video solution with 5 endpoints of MX series.  They are looking at ad-hoc, rendezvous and schedule meetings from TP endpoints and ad-hoc and rendezvous meeting from jabber clients.  

They are expected to have maximum of 3 simultaneous conferences from Room TP end points and maximum of 10 simultaneous video conferences from Jabber clients.

In this case please can we order the following?

  1. Upgrade 30 user from CUWL –STD to CUWL –Pro
  2. Purchase 3 SMP together with 3 TP endpoints.
  3. Purchase 2 TP room license for CUCM

With Item 1, we should be able to get license for TP Infra such as Conductor (to support clustering with 2 nodes), TMS, TMS PE, TMS EX.

My concern is since the total user is 1000. So, buying/feature upgrading 30 CUWL Pro can support above conference session requirement?

In addition to above requirement, if customer wanted to have CMR feature, Can 1000 user share the 30 PMP license ( 30x CUWL Pro)? Or they need dedicated CUWL Pro license for user based on number of user wants the CMR ?





I mentioned the same point in my other post that as per the ordering guide it shows one rms since x8.8 doesn't need two for a b2b call





I didn't see this post till now not sure how I missed it. On the SMP it looks good with 3 SMP licenses. On CUWL PRO the critical piece to find out is for the Jabber users will they each need their own personal CMR. If the same user also wants to start an adhoc then each user needs a PRO. If the user dials into a CMR, conductor is checking to see if that user is entitled for PMP otherwise we use SMP

In summary

For ad-hoc and scheduled conferences, if CUCM, TMS and TMSPE doesn’t integrate with AD/LDAP, SMP is always used

•Permanent/Rendezvous conference always consumes SMP license

•For PMP user, one license allows 2 concurrent conferences (for overlap meetings). 3rd concurrent conference uses a SMP license

•SMP license will be used if:

User cannot be found in the PMP user list

User has no more PMP license available

User is assigned with SMP license

This all has changed with PMP/SMP+ so be aware of that

Jeremy Justin


Understanding that SMP is no longer order-able, I am looking for guidance when communicating the price increase for SMP Plus. SMP, when purchased with an endpoint, was $4,990. SMP Plus, when purchased with an endpoint, is $8,000. So basically a difference of 3k. Could Cisco help us with the message regarding why the price increase? It would be much appreciated.


I realize you are looking for Cisco to comment but having been on many sessions where this issue has been brought up the answer is "The increased value add being brought with the Acano acquisition" is the main reasoning. Now customer's have a choice of either TP or CMS(Acano). Of course whether you see the value of this with the price delta is a whole another topic of discussion.

Jeremy Justin

I heard that in a session as well and for a greenfield scenario where a customer can look at options and make a decision, I can see the value. But for a customer with an existing TP Server deployment who just want the licenses they are used to purchasing, all they will see is that they went up 3K list per license. Maybe we could say "hey if you want to go CMS down the road you can, we just need to decommission your TP Server and Conductor and then stand up the CMS." But even then, the SMP licenses they have today will need to be converted and there is a cost associated with that. So if there is any further guidance from Cisco on the topic that would be great! At least then whatever reason I give to the customer, it's the same message they would be hearing from Cisco directly.


Hi Guys

If a client buys the LIC-SMP+EP, with the SX80, where do they get the PAK license and where do they configure it

thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

The PAK for SMP+ will be contain with the Endpoint order, sent to Cisco licensing edelivery mailbox, as all other licensing is done....will be associated with the endpoint Sales Order#. Many PAKs actually, one for CMS, the other for TS, one for RMS on Expressway, and one for CUCM TP room license.

Just register these as usual at

Ron Lewis



For CMS are licenses required for H.323 and non Cisco devices to connect to the meetings from outside of the organization?


Anytime there is a conference you need a license like SMP or PMP+


Greetings...No special license is required for any H323 / third party VC endpoints connecting to a CMS based video meeting...the SMP+ license itself is all that is required per shared concurrent meeting up to the maximum participants that the underlying hardware can support...CMS1000k server for example...otherwise a SMP+ meeting license is $8k when attached with a new endpoint, or $12k ale carte...hope this helps


I need your expertise on the below

A user bought an MX200 with a LIC-TP-10X-ROOM licence

The CUCM is sitting in India, the MX200 will be sitting in South Africa, they are strugling on the License Portal, as it is asking them for info from a Enterprise License Manager

Do they first need to add the MX200 to the ELM then get the info from the ELM to add to the licensing portal?

I hope this makes sense, and i am looking forward to hearing from you

Rising star


Since you are a Cisco partner, I recommend you also post this question to the Partner Community for more information and feedback.

Product Licensing

Kelli Glass

Moderator for Cisco Customer Communities


Hello guys,

I have an activation key for CMS, how can i generate a license file using this activation key.

Best Regards,

Elie Gerges