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Buying Shared Multiparty Licensing with TelePresence Endpoint


The Shared Multiparty (SMP) Licensing offered with TelePresence endpoints supports Multiparty conferencing using TelePresence infrastructure components on customers premises. The customer acknowledges by purchasing SMP license that they have already or plan to deploy the necessary hardware to support Multiparty Conferencing.

Each SMP license allows for one concurrent meeting with unlimited participants, deployed using Cisco Meeting Server or Cisco Telepresence Server. The SMP license also includes 1 Expressway Rich Media Sessions (RMS), and the CUCM/Expressway TP Room License. A single RMS licenses now only needed on Expressway-E with version X8.8 and higher.

For Multiparty conferencing using the SMP License requires one of these options deployed;

  • Cisco Meeting Server(s) with an activation key (R-CMS-K9, included with CMS1000 bundle)
  • Cisco TelePresence Server without screen licenses, Cisco Telepresence Conductor, and Cisco TelePresence Management Suite (TMS) with Provisioning Engine (TMS-PE).

New customers without CUWL Pro or Meetings, should look at the SMP Starter Kit to get initial package licenses.

Existing customers can just add additional SMP License to their Meeting Server or Conductor.

For deployment details, see here

More information on SMP along with Personal Multiparty for CUWL-Pro customers, see this at a glance.

Ordering guide with CCO login at

(This note is for CCW users ordering SMP needing more information)


Yes 15 on TMS  and CUCM 10.5, 9.1 is not recommended for ad hoc scenarios since the owner ID isn't passed to conductor to allocate PMP correctly.


Just another query... when converting TP Conductor v4.0 to PMP/SMP mode and managing TP Servers remotely, can MCUs still be managed the traditional way through the same TP Conductor?

Thanks again


Cisco Employee

Yes you can use MCU with normal per port licensing on the same conductor as TS with PMP/SMP......

Ron Lewis

Product Manager, CVTG


It is probably worth noting is that the CUCM TP Room license is not included if SMP is purchased without the Endpoint. 




Can I get some clarity on the SMP being "required" for  room systems such as an SX or MX  in a UCM environment

My understanding is that there are two options for SX/MX system in a UCM environment

1) I can purchase an SMP with any new  SX/MX and that includes the UCM TP room license

2) I have an existing SX/MX unit that was purchased without SMP and i can buy a UCM TP Room license to register to UCM

Can you confirm there is no mandatory requirement  to buy an SMP with every new MX/SX going forward or to purchase one for existing MX/SX system already registered to UCM to use this system in multipoint conference on VTS?  It is merely more commercially attractive option to purchase an SMP with the SX/MX new purchase and you also get the TP room license?

Thanks in Advance


Hi Garvan;

you are correct you can place order with one SMP (which include 1x TP-Room-Lic + 2 RMS for Expressway ) to be shared between all TP units and other TP units should be registered to CUCM by TP-Room-Licenses.

and keep in your mind that you should  have enough hardware UCS  resources for additional collaboration servers visualization. (TS, Expressway and TMS ..).

Hope that clear to you.

don't hesitated for contact me for any further clarification.

Best of Luck

Mamdouh Sharaf



Think of SMP as the right to have a meeting with as many participants as you want as long as the hardware can support it. So it is not needed to have a SMP per endpoint but the general idea is as you add units the number of concurrent meetings happening at the same time goes up and hence the need for SMP. Depending on how heavy your video usage is, will determine how many SMP you need


I think I understand the difference between SMP and PMP but the one thing I am not getting one thing.

So if my users have CUWL-Pro I can go ahead and install all the required servers and my users can use their personal rooms licensed by CUWL-Pro

If I want to use SMP then I will have to buy the starter kit before installing all the servers.

The question I have is what are the "25 devices" in the description of the starter kit?  I thought a meeting could have unlimited participants and I could use any TP endpoint to start a meeting with a SMP license?  Does this mean if I get the starter kit and buy one SMP license but have 30 TP endpoints I have to select 25 that are able to use it and the other 5 cannot?

I hope this makes sense.

Cisco Employee

PMP included with CUWLPro, new orders or by placing a zero dollar order using CUWL-PMP-K9, get all the infrastructure components that are needed, including all that is included in the starter pack.

The SMP Starter pack is for non PMP/CUWLPro customers, SMP only, who need the infrastructure components.

So if PMP/CUWLPro, no need to order starter pack.

If SMP only, purchased with an endpoint or a la carte, and customer does not have TP Infrastructure (TMS, Conductor, Expressway) then

Hope this helps to clarify,

Ron Lewis

Product Manager, CVTG



Do we need TMS in order to use SMP? We don't need scheduling though.

Cisco Employee

No TMS is not required for SMP only.....

Conductor is required.

Sent from Ron's iPad



Is it mandatory to have CUCM to be able to use SMP licensing? Customer has 3rd party call control system and willing to purchase endpoints, management and MCU from Cisco.

In this case I have to choose for the infrastructure

- SMP Starter to have Conductor + TMS

- R-VTS for TP Server

- Multiparty Media HW for TP

- SMP licences with the SX systems or in the Starter pack

Is that correct?

Thanks and Regards,



You need VCS since SMP licensing can apply to VCS or UCM. CUWL PRO is specific to UCM


Ok, I suppose in this case I have to register all endpoints to VCS or UCM and have to calculate with Telepresence Room System User licenses as well per registered EPs and forget about the 3rd party call control.


Greetings all,

First of all, after reading this entire conversation, I can't believe how incredibly convoluted Cisco's licensing still is when it comes to SMP / PMP or compared to SL, CUWL, UCL, ale carte, DLU...or whatever

With that said, can you guys riddle me this please?

The SMP Starter PAK and for that matter the CUWL PRO starter PAK of 35 CUWL-PRO users gives the customer TMS BASE (10 devices) and TMS 25 devices for a total of 35 managed devices correct? (btw...A managed device is not necessarily an endpoint either, it is also considered the infrastructure components as well...Conductor, Expressway, UCM, TPS, MCU, VCS, etc, etc) Plus also gives the customer TMS-XE for 25 devices correct?

So what happens when the customer needs to manage over 35 TMS managed devices / infrastructure components and over 25 TMX-XE Exchange enabled endpoints? If we purchase the SMP license option along with the endpoint, does the customer get addl TMS managed device licenses and addl TMX XE licenses incremental to the addl endpoints they plan to add to their environment by leveraging SMP lic opt? And if so, why doesn't the ordering guide state any of this?

Under SMP / PMP / CUWL PRO, is there ever a reason to require the TMS - APPINT lic opt for $50k list?


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