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CAC and Enhanced CAC Summarized

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CAC Call Admission Control

QoS used for temporarilly congestion
CAC stops the links to be congested
CAC is a supplement for LLQ Low Latency Queuing

Pre CUCM 9.0
Designed for Centralized deployments
No Topology awarness (anything dynamic in the network)

After CUCM 9.0
Desktop Video VS Immersive Video differenciation
Network Modeling/Multihop XAN Topology support-Build a logical representation of the network
Static feature / NOT Topology aware. Dynamic changes, Link failures. RSVP is the solution.
RSVP is reservation of end to end bandwitdh, is aware of dynamic changes in a network.
We need IOS Routers to participate in RSVP.

E-CAC multi cluster support
Uses Locations, Links and Weights, resulting in the most effective Path selection (lowest cost/weight will win).

Locations represents a LAN
links interconnect Locations and are used to define bandwitdh available. Links logically represent the WAN link.
Weights are used on links to provide a cost to the effective path.
Weights are only applicable when there is more than 1 path between any 2 locations.
CUCM does the calculations and the least cost path/effective path is chosen.
LBM CUCM actively tracks bandwidth accross any link that the network model indicates from originating Location to terminatin location.

Location Bandwidth Manager LBM
New features as of CUCM 9.0
Path Assembly and Calculation
Servicing Bandwidth Requests from Unified CM Call Control XML/TCP.
Replication of Bandwidth Information to other LBMs within the cluster and between cluster (Inter-Cluster Locations CAC).

LBM Groups allow active and standby members.
Therefore offering LBM Redundancy accross CUCM servers

Inter-Cluster E-CAC + LBM
Extends Network Modeling accross multiple CUCM clusters.
Clusters propagate their own topology to other clusters via the LBM network.
The end result is a global or assembled topology, which represents all learned topologies in the LBM network.
Full picture called Global when comes to modeling accrosse multiple clusters.

SIP Trunk to the shadow location

H323 ICT does not support location

In the SIP Invite header, there is CALL-INFO, this field contains information about locations, class of traffic, desktop video
immersive video, what is the class of this traffic.

Shadow location is already running on CUCM, assign a sip trunk, this sip trunk can be used for E-CAC, to pass information in the sip invite when the call is setup.

We dont have a link in shadow location.

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