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CAD Installation on Windows 7 error







This document describes the issues with the Cisco agent Desktop software installation on Windows 7x64





Unable to install Cisco Agent Desktop onto users Windows 7 SP1 machine.

Recieving the error message 
"The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect". 
The PC has all of the necessary authorities for installation.
System Version info:
CTIOS 8.5.3
CAD   8.5(2a)
ICM   8.5.3
Call Manager






Its seems like that another program has installed a newer version ofa DLL which is conflicting 
with the  Agent. PLease check if  the PC had any old version of CAD installed on it.

Have a look at this compatibility matrix:

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (Cisco Unified CCX) Software and Hardware Compatibility Guide

CAD should be installed on 64 bit OS as a 32 bit computability application.

please right-click on cad setup program  and choose the "Compatibility" tab of the
properties page.   Check the box that says "Run this programin compatibility mode for:"
and choose

"Windows XP Service Pack 3"
Then try running the program again.
It appears that CAD 8.5(x)is only supported on Win 7  64-bit OS running in compatibility mode (WoW64)

Unable to install CAD 7.6.1 on Windows 7 64-bit

When attempting to install CAD 7.6.1 on an agent's Windows 7 64-bit
install you need to run the executable in compatibility mode using Windows XP SP3,
otherwise you will get an error indicating this version of CAD is not supported for this OS.
After running in compatibility mode the install seems to run fine but towards the end we
get an error message indicating the installer has insufficient privileges to access a
certain directory.


Due to security reasons you have local account administrator disabled but when you
attempted the install using a local account with administrator privileges as well as a
domain account with the same privileges.  Install failed in both instances.
Release notes indicate this version of CAD is compatible with Windows 7 64-bit
using 32-bit emulation.  Confirmed that the install was being placed into the Program
Files (x86) directory prior to it failing.



The folder where CAD is being installed  ensure that the folder has full control permissions for the
SYSTEM user or the Everyone group.


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