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Caller ID trouble CME C2801


I have a trouble with Caller ID of incoming calls because it does not appear on IP phones display. I check with the Telco company (also I did the test) that the Caller ID service is active, and it works when I plug an analog phone to the line. I read a of of documents and follow the troubleshooting methods, but I still have the problem. From the debugs that I made, there are some things that I don´t know what it means, and may somebody can help me and resolve my problem:

- I get the following message when I no shut the voice-port

fxols_line_reversal_clid_wait. On_hook line reversal detected possibily due to crossed cable

- debug vpm signal shows the folloving message when  incoming call its receive from the CO through FXO port

Jul 27 17:06:27.115: htsp_process_event: [0/0/3, FXOLS_ONHOOK, E_DSP_SIG_0000]fxols_onhook_ringing
Jul 27 17:06:27.115: htsp_timer - 125 msec
Jul 27 17:06:27.243: htsp_process_event: [0/0/3, FXOLS_WAIT_RING_MIN, E_HTSP_EVENT_TIMER]fxols_wait_ring_min_timer
Jul 27 17:06:27.243: htsp_timer - 10000 msec
Jul 27 17:06:27.243: htsp_timer3 - 5600 msec
Jul 27 17:06:27.243: [0/0/3] htsp_start_caller_id_rx:BELLCORE
Jul 27 17:06:27.243: htsp_start_caller_id_rx create dsp_stream_manager
Jul 27 17:06:27.243: [0/0/3] htsp_dsm_create_success returns 1
Jul 27 17:06:28.211: htsp_process_event: [0/0/3, FXOLS_RINGING, E_DSP_SIG_0100]
Jul 27 17:06:28.211: fxols_ringing_not
Jul 27 17:06:28.211: htsp_timer_stop
Jul 27 17:06:28.211: htsp_timer - 10000 msec
Jul 27 17:06:32.123: htsp_process_event: [0/0/3, FXOLS_RINGING, E_DSP_SIG_0000]
Jul 27 17:06:32.843: htsp_process_event: [0/0/3, FXOLS_RINGING, E_HTSP_EVENT_TIMER3]fxols_snoop_clid_stop
Jul 27 17:06:32.843: htsp_timer_stop3
Jul 27 17:06:33.215: htsp_process_event: [0/0/3, FXOLS_RINGING, E_DSP_SIG_0100]
Jul 27 17:06:33.215: fxols_ringing_not
Jul 27 17:06:33.215: htsp_timer_stop
Jul 27 17:06:33.215: htsp_timer_stop3
Jul 27 17:06:33.215: [0/0/3] htsp_stop_caller_id_rx. message length 0htsp_setup_ind
Jul 27 17:06:33.215: [0/0/3] get_fxo_caller_id:Caller ID receive failed. parseCallerIDString:no data.
Jul 27 17:06:33.215: [0/0/3] get_local_station_id calling num= calling name= calling time=07/27 12:06 orig called=

Jul 27 17:06:33.219: htsp_process_event: [0/0/3, FXOLS_WAIT_SETUP_ACK, E_HTSP_SETUP_ACK]
Jul 27 17:06:33.219: fxols_wait_setup_ack:
Jul 27 17:06:33.219: htsp_timer - 6000 msec
Jul 27 17:06:33.227: [0/0/3] htsp_dsm_close_done
Jul 27 17:06:33.231: htsp_timer_stop3
Jul 27 17:06:33.235: htsp_process_event: [0/0/3, FXOLS_PROCEEDING,

- FXO Voice configuration is voice-port 0/0/3

cptone CO
connection plar opx 112
description LINEA 6352517
caller-id enable

-  Show voice port  displays:

Caller ID Info Follows:
Caller ID is received after 1 ring(s)
Translation profile (Incoming):
Translation profile (Outgoing):
Voice card specific Info Follows:
Signal Type is loopStart
Battery-Reversal is enabled
Number Of Rings is set to 1
Supervisory Disconnect is signal
Answer Supervision is inactive
Hook Status is On Hook

I need help. Thanks


gbernad 07/July/09

When the caller-id alerting ring command is configured as 1, and then when the call comes, Caller-id is displayed for a second, and it goes away.

To resolve this issue, enter the following commands under the voice-port 0/0/3.

 caller-id alerting ring 2
no shut

Note: When the caller-id alerting command is configured on the voice port,it will automatically enable caller ID, and the caller-id enable command is not necessary.

Again, delay in receiving the CLID is addressed by Cisco Bug CSCse71319.

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