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CallManager 4.0 cannot call forward to voice mail from Line Group and Hunt List configuration, which causes the caller to hear the Unity opening greeting instead of the personal greeting


Core Issue

When you call the Hunt Pilot Directory Number (DN) and nobody in the Line Group answers the call, you hear the Cisco Unity main greeting as opposed to the greeting of the Hunt Pilot DN.

This occurs when the Line Group is configured as a broadcast and the voice mail Line Group is added into the Hunt List.


Cisco CallManager redirects the call instead of forwarding the call, which causes the caller to hear the Cisco Unity main greeting instead of the subscriber greeting.

Previous to Cisco CallManager 4.0, if you wanted to forward a call from a Hunt Group to voice mail on busy or no answer, on the last phone in the Hunt Group you would set Call Forward Busy (CFB) and Call Forward No Answer (CFNA) to voice mail.

Since Cisco CallManager 4.0(1), there is the option to configure Line Groups as broadcast, which makes it difficult to configure forwarding to voice mail if Line Groups are configured this way.

A workaround is to add a dummy phone into the Line Group with Call Forward All (CFA) and CFNA to voice mail. A Cisco Unity subscriber must be configured for the pilot number.

In Cisco CallManager 4.1, the Call Coverage feature was significantly extended and now includes a final forwarding option, which allows you to forward a call to voice mail if hunting times out.

For more information, refer to Cisco bug ID CSCed94845.

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