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Capture Card suggestion


Anyone have any suggestions on which capture card to use that is recognized by Webex with Windows 10?



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Are you asking about HDMI-to-USB capture cards? To be able to use HDMI output as a webcam?

I think, as long as the capture card uses native drivers, i.e. UVC compliant, then it should work no issues.


Personally, I have tried both the Inogeni HDMI-to-USB and the Elgato CamLink and both worked well. Although, I think my PC was not new enough to handle things as best they could. For the most part, I was trying to play a video out of an ipad with hdmi out, so, maybe not the best use case. I've tried with a camcorder and a desktop with more power and it worked brilliantly.



Thanks for your reply, yes, that was what I was talking about. I just
purchased a capture card and hooked it up to a Panasonic camcorder to use
as a webcam. It works great!
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Something to consider is whether your camcorder is "compatible" with live streaming. Compatible is in quotes, because it's not so much a compatibility issue as best practices. Elgato has a good article on this.


  • Your camera needs to output video via an HDMI port. Most cameras have a mini or micro HDMI output jack.
  • You need to have a cable that connects your camera from the video output jack to a standard HDMI port.
  • Connect your camera to any HDTV or HDMI monitor. Check that the HDMI output is "clean" — meaning whether the extra information overlays can be disabled, Most likely you'll need to check with your camera's manual to find the menu item that turns off all overlays.
  • For DSLRs, check whether your camera can be operated continuously. Check with your camera's manual whether you can disable battery save mode. Some cameras also always power down after a set period of time of continuous operation, to safeguard the camera's sensor.
  • Can your camera be powered by an external power supply while outputting video, and while mounted on a tripod?


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I’ve used a few with Canon and Sony cams without issue.

1- Eyesen 

2- Elgato HD60 S+
3- Digitnow 

are the brands that I have in use between Mac and PC. Some have hdmi out to display which you may want. 

hello @lfulgenzi , I have the same question & just to check if I understand correctly ... you have no problems getting an external camera via the Elgato camlink as webcam in the Webex app ? I am really on the (black friday) fence between a logitech 925e and the elgato camlink as they have the same price & I prefer my DSLR over the logitech   So thanks for your clarification! 

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