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Capture CTS logs and upload them to a TAC case


Capture CTS logs

To capture the CTS logs, log into the CTS web GUI and go to Troubleshooting -> Log Files.


Click the Log Files tab at the top of the page. Otherwise, you will only be downloading the sysop messages.


Select Capture new log files and pick Other/Unknown as the problem type.


Hit the Capture New Log Files button and you'll start to see progress under Log Capture Status. Depending on your browser/version this may not update at all. If after a couple minutes, nothing seems to have happened and the "Previous Logs Captured At" timestamp seems incorrect, please see the Troubleshooting section.


Once the logs are captured, hit Download existing log files to download a .tar.gz containing the logs. Do not extract this file, but please open it in compression software such as 7zip or WinRAR to ensure the logs are not corrupt.

Upload Logs

To upload the logs to the case, you can either email them to or upload them directly on if they are too large.


To email the logs to us, please Reply-All to an email we have sent you, and ensure is CC'd on the email. Do not take the TAC case number (662XXXXXX) out of the subject line. This will automatically attach them to the case.

For larger files (20Mb+), you will probably have to use the web tool. Go to -> Support -> My Open Cases.


Select your case number. Then hit File Upload to bring you down the page to the file upload section. From here just choose the file, select Log/Trace File, add a comment of what device the file is from and hit Upload File.


The most common problem with CTS logs is either they will not capture from the web GUI or the log files are corrupt when you try to open them. You can attempt to fix either of these issues by re-capturing the logs from the CLI.

From the admin: prompt, use utils logs generate other to generate the logs again. Then download them from the web GUI.

If the web GUI is completely unresponsive (to both capture and downloading logs), you can also FTP, SFTP or SCP the log files off of the codec from the CLI. To do this, the syntax is utils logs [protocol] [username] [password] [destination]. For example:

utils logs sftp ciscoadmin p4$$w0rd

If you get an error such as Error reading header after processing 0 entries when trying to open the logs, you likely have the wrong file extension and your software can't understand what it's opening. Check to make sure the file extension is .tar.gz. The most common cause of this problem is if the file has been named ".tar" when in reality it is a .gz file.

If you have other problems capturing, downloading or sending logs to TAC, please contact your engineer. Documentation

Downloading CTS logs

Uploading files to a TAC case


I would like to know, if i willing to generate the log for audio, video, presentation, phone & so on.

Should i need to download it after i generate per generate category or i can generate all, then download 1 time?

Tyler Wilkin
Cisco Employee

The log generation reason doesn't matter, it just puts a small note in the logs saying which one the user picked. Additionally, you don't need to download the sysop logs in addition to the full log files, they are included. I tell people to capture the log files as "Other/Unknown" so they don't think they're downloading a subset of the logs.


Hi Tyler,

Which mean i only need to capture the "Other/Unknown" log is sufficient enough for Cisco TAC to verify the issue right?

Even the CTS services hang problem?

Tyler Wilkin
Cisco Employee

Yes, regardless of the log generation reason chosen, the full logs will remain the same and will be downloaded. Chosing a reason code doesn't affect the logs.

Anthony Stiglitz
Cisco Employee

CSCud53747    ED: Select Problem Type should be REMOVED from CTS Codec GUI



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