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CDR Analysis and Reporting - No records processing or records missing


CDR Reporting- No Records Processed

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2:07 PM

CUCM Version 10.5.x


CDR Analysis and Reporting - No records processing or records missing


Problem Description:

Our CDR Records are no longer showing up in CDR Analysis and Reporting. They appear to have stopped the week prior.


These CDR records are forwarded to a reporting server (Variphy) which is no longer receiving the files. That said, Cisco's built in CDR reports do not work either since this date.


After further research, all CDR configurations are correct and services are running.  Next step is to locate the CDR Record files and see if there are some that have not processed:


All CDR files are located and viewed from the SSH console by using the following command.  There are multiple subdirectories so you may need to look through different directories using the following command which shows 8 directories in the case below.  After digging I found that the files that had not yet processed were located under the tmp folder..



admin:file list activelog /cm/cdr_repository

<dir>   car

<dir>   destination1

<dir>   destination2

<dir>   destination3

<dir>   preserve

<dir>   processed

<dir>   tmp

<dir>   trans

dir count = 8, file count = 0


Continuing on, we find the logs were located in the following directory




To view the contents using the following command.


admin:file list activelog /cm/cdr_repository/tmp


cdr_StandAloneCluster_03_201704150546_869901 cdr_StandAloneCluster_03_201704151010_869902 cdr_StandAloneCluster_03_201704151011_869903 cdr_StandAloneCluster_03_201704151126_869904 cdr_StandAloneCluster_03_201704151217_869905 cdr_StandAloneCluster_03_201704151221_869906 cdr_StandAloneCluster_03_201704151246_869907 cdr_StandAloneCluster_03_201704151248_869908 cdr_StandAloneCluster_03_201704151303_869909 cdr_StandAloneCluster_03_201704151307_869910 cdr_StandAloneCluster_03_201704151308_869911 cdr_StandAloneCluster_03_201704151309_869912 cdr_StandAloneCluster_03_201704151310_869913 cdr_StandAloneCluster_03_201704151315_869914 cdr_StandAloneCluster_03_201704151316_869915



Once confirmed that the files were there, the fix was to restart the following services on the Publisher one at a time:

These services are located under "Cisco Unified Serviceability, Tools,  Control Center - Network Services".

On the Subscribers you will only restart the CDR Agent.  Once restarted, you will see the files slowly begin processing.  It could take a few minutes for a few thousand records to process.




Issue is now resolved.



we have the same problem and the question is what to do to avoid this issue again.

thank you

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