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CFNA does not roll over to voice mail, this is accompanied by a "We have received a message for a shadowing agreement which does not exist" event log error


Core Issue

This error message appears in both the publisher and the subscriber event logs. It may appear if you rebuild a subscriber in your cluster without removing the agreements from the publisher Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory server.

Note: The same issue may also generate the We have received an error from our partner Directory System Agent (DSA) which suggests a configuration problem with our shadowing agreement error message.


If you receive this message, perform these steps:

  1. Verify that the user database LDAP replication is working properly in your cluster.
  2. Check to see if you can create a user with Cisco CallManager Administration.
  3. Create a user on the publisher, wait a few minutes and then go to each subscriber and look for the user you just created. If the replication is working, you can ignore these error messages. However, you can fix this cosmetic problem by reinitializing all agreements.
  4. Note: Since Call Forward No Answer (CFNA) is failing, there is no need to create a user because the problem exists already.

    For more information, refer to CallManager Event Logs.

  5. If the CFNA problem is due to the directory issues, running the Data Connection (DC) Directory scripts  only on the publisher should resolve the issue.

    For more information on running the DC Directory scripts, refer to Fixing Problems with DC Directory.

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