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Challenges Extending the Workspace


In my previous blog I discussed how workspace capabilities are network limited and why.   However, there has been a lot of effort over the years to address these challenges by extending the workspace through point integrations.  These integrations extend the functionality of a particular application and sometimes even the reach, but the user is still limited by the network that application resides in.  So long as you remain in that environment point integrations are good enough, but when you want to pass from one environment to another you're often stuck with having to break state then establishing a new connection to reap the benefits of the other environment.

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While there are integrations, there isn't a true integrated experience that users are demanding today.  As the number of devices increase and the capabilities increase, users expect the experience to become more and more seamless.  Video is a great example.  People want video to work on any device, but don't understand the low-level intricacies required for different video formats and resolutions.  Trying to manage all those different video formats presents great challenges and costs in development and maintenance of required code for each integration point.  It's a non-scalable solution.


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