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Changing the background image on Cisco IP Phone 7940/7960







This document describes the procedure to change the logo on Cisco IP Phone 7940/7960.Using TFTP, you can change the graphic which appears on the LCD screen.




You must convert the image from color to grayscale in order to use it on the 7940 or 7960 Cisco IP Phones. Follow the below steps in order to change the image:-



Step 1:- Open the image you want to use with any image editor.



Step 2:- Change the image from color to grayscale.



Note: The image must be resized in order to fit the screen size of the 7940 and 7960 Cisco IP Phones:



    *      The Width cannot be larger than 125 pixels.

    *      The Height cannot be taller than 60 pixels.



Step 3:- Convert and save the image to a GIF file in the C:\CiscoIPServices\Tools folder



Note:- This step assumes that you performed a default installation of Cisco IP Services.



Step 4:- Convert the file from GIF format to XML format with this procedure:-



   1.      Double-click C:\WINNT\System32\cmd.exe in order to open a command prompt window.


   2.      From the command prompt, issue the cd CiscoIpServices\tools command.


   3.      Issue the gif2cip filename.gif filename.xml command. An XML  file now appears in the Tools folder. In this example, the XML file is called             filename.xml.


Step 5:- Save in notepad.


Choose Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad in order to open the Notepad application.Open the new XML file.Choose File > Open on the Notepad menu, browse and open the new XML file.



Step 6:- Save the new XML file.

Save or copy the new XML file to the C:\CiscoWebs\IPPhoneServices\CCMCIP folder on the Publisher.



The Idle URL can be configured with one of these two methods:-



Method 1:


1.            Choose System > Enterprise Parameters so that the change is propagated to all of the phones from the CUCM Administration page.



2.            In the URL Idle field, enter http://IP_address_of_CallManager/CCMCIP/filename.xml.



3.            In the URL Idle Time field, enter any positive value in seconds.



4.             Update the settings and reset the IP phones.




The image appears on the window of the IP phone after the specified seconds, either after boot up or after it is idle for that long.


Method 2:



1.            Choose Device > Phone under the Cisco IP Phone configuration so that only this phone displays the graphics from the CUCM Administrator page.


2.            Choose the phone on which you want to put the display.


3.            In the Idle field, enter the path




4.            In the Idle Timer field, enter any positive value in seconds.


5.            Update the settings and reset the Cisco IP Phone.




The image appears on the window of the IP phone after the specified seconds, either after boot up or after it is idle for that long.



Note:- The pixels on the Cisco IP Phone are larger in size than those on a PC. Therefore, some of the pictures do not have a good resolution. The phone is not designed to emulate a web page.


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