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Changing the Order of ip phone services ( Corporate Directory , Personal Directory , Missed calls Etc) under Phone Directory on Ip-phone

Cisco Employee

Sometimes you may get a request stating that Corporate Directory is required at the top on the phone directory option or Some other service is required at X postion on the phone. There are two methods you can achieve :

1.  Using GUI

You can delete and re-add the service from the CUCM administator page , Device-->Device Settings --> Phone service. Before Deleting make sure to note-down all the parameters of the Phone service . when re-adding you can use same set of values.

But this trick may not work always for you , depending upon the requirement.

Eg : You want to move Personal Directory below the corporate Directory . You delete the Personal Directory service and re-add it back on CUCM. But later on you decided to restore the order and want to move corporate Directory at the bottom again , deleting and re-adding the Corporate Directory , won't serve your purpose.

WHY ??????

Well this is how order of Phone service is decided in CUCM :

A. Each ip phone service has a priority associated with it. The phone services which are present on CUCM by default ( Missed calls , placed calls , recieved calls , personal directory and corporate directory) has the priority in the order in which they occur on your phone for the first time when phone is registerd to CUCM.

E.g :  Order of the Phone Services under directory option of your phones is :

1. Missed Calls

2. Placed Calls

3. Recieved Calls

4. Personal Directory

5. Corporate Directory

Then the priority of these services in CUCM is :

Missed Calls = 1

Placed Calls = 2

Recieved Calls = 3

Personal Directory = 4

Corporate Directory = 5

Now when you delete and re-add the phone service on CUCM , priority of the service is set to 50 and thus your phone service moves at the bottom.

But when you delete and re-add a second service the priority is again set to 50 and not 51. Thus we have a tie b/w 2 services.

B. The second factor that comes into picture is the numeric-alpha order. It means if two services have the same priority the order will be decided on the name:

Corporate direcotry will always be placed above Personal Directory since C would always come prior to P but

1Personal directory will always be placed above 2Corporate Directory since 1 comes before 2 .

By using above mentioned calculation you can , play with the order of the phone services on your phones. But this method has its disadvantage.

In-case you are creating Phone service with a name other than default name E.g : Corporate Directory is changed to Corp Directory or 1Corporate Directory , any locale settings will not be valid for that Phone Service and the name will be displayed as written on the CUCM web-page.

2. Using Command Line Interface.

Run the command :

run sql select * from telecasterservice

This will give you the name , priority , pkid and some more information about the various phone services you have on you Call Manager.

Now you want to place  Personal Directory , below corporate directory on CUCM , use the following update command

run sql update telecasterservice set priority= '<value greater than priority value for corporate directory>' where pkid= '<pkid of personal directory>'

Restart the TFTP service , reset the phone and you are done.

Now if you want to revert the order, i.e personal directory before corporate directory :

all you need to do is reset the the priority value for personal directory or increase the priority value for corporate directory.

CLI gives us more freedom to change the order without affecting the locale settings.

Note :

1. Checking and Unchecking the Enterprise subscription option may yield different results.

2. All the above tests have been performed on CUCM 8.6 when enterprise subscription was set to true for all services





I did the same but its not reflecting on 7740 series IP phones.

Could you please help?




Good piece of DOC[+5]