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Cisco 8831 Conferencing Phone Speed Dial Configurations


Since 8831 IP Phones are Conferencing phone not used much for other services apart from Conferencing but when configuring speed dial some time it is very time consuming and confusing specific to this phone model.

There are 2 ways you can use speed dials on 8831 phones.

1. Configure the speed dials on phone using either self care portal or phone button template.

Press down arrow key on phone, you would see all speed dials.

< Tricky part where people fail most of the time, configurations are done but how to access the speed dial >

]You can select the speed dial and press call softkey.

2. Configure new softkey and add abbreviate dial in off hook and digit after first state.

Go off hook on phone, select speed dial softkey. After two beep sound
Dial speed dial number configured and press speed dial softkey again. < No one want this procedure specially for speed dial >


Small Contribution... Hope you like it